Newburn River Run.

Newburn. Wed. 12th June.

This is AW Report / Results.
Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear
Jordan Bell easily won this annual midweek Elswick Harriers promotion. Conditions were not ideal with continuous rain throughout and large parts of the course were saturated. Due partly to the weather and the nearness (3 days earlier) of the Blaydon Race the turn-out was down this year with less than 300 runners.
Bell soon headed the field on the recently adapted course, extending his advantage to 52secs over Sparrow Morley at the finish line. Gary Wallace finished third ahead of Darren Purvis who was the leading veteran (M40+) for the third successive year.
Newcomer Maria Catterall won the Womens' race, with Andrea Banner of the host club, leading the Veterans in second place. Ria Chaston finished third. Elswick Harriers won both team competitions.
1 J Bell (Black B) 31:54; 2 S Morley (Tyne Br) 32:46; 3 G Wallace (Black B, M35) 32:50; 4 D Purvis (Birt, M40) 33:51; 5 L Bennett (Morp, M50) 34:11; 6 A Heppell (Gosf, M40) 34:21; 7 J Robertson (Tyne Br) 34:32; 8 A Muir (Blay) 34:36; 9 A Ball (Els, M40) 35:24; 10 L McConnell (Birt, U20) 35:26
M55: 1 I Norman (Heat) 37:35. M60: 1 C Hall 42:31
TEAM (3 to Score)
1 Elswick H 39
1 M Catterall 40:16; 2 A Banner (Els, W45) 40:56; 3 R Chaston (Tyne Br) 40:59; 4 S Ingham (NSP, W35) 41:12; 5 C Lowes (Els, W35) 41:28; 6 A Oswald (C&C) 41:53
W40: 1 W Pawsey (NSP) 42:44. W50: 1 S Stephenson (Els) 44:28
TEAM (3 to Score)
1 Elswick H 18

Additional Comments: Results courtesy of Graham Bell /"Elswick team". 293 finishers (last time: 80:46).