Anita Nott Memorial Women Only Dene Run.

Jesmond Dene. Mon. 24th June.

This is AW Report / Results.
Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear
Danni Smythe repeated her 2018 victory in the event organised by her club, Heaton Harriers in memory of one of their former athletes.
The undulating course covered Jesmond Dene, Armstrong and Heaton Park starting and finishing on Armstrong Bridge. The earlier rain had left some of the paths on route quite slippy, and consequently overall times were slower than last year.
Smythe, the 2018 North Eastern Counties 10000m champion, having her first major outing after having been sidelined with a stress fracture, soon headed the record field of 482 runners. The lead at 3km was 15secs over Gillian Manford with North Eastern Counties U15 3000m champion, Katie Francis close behind in third place. Smythe feeling the effects of her recent injury, held on for victory over Francis, who had reduced the gap to 9secs at the finish line.
Manford was the leading veteran in third position, with fourth placed Amy Fuller leading Elswick to the team title.
1 D Smythe (Heat) 19:09; 2 K Francis (Birt, U15) 19:18; 3 G Manford (Gate, W35) 19:34; 4 A Fuller (Els) 19:44; 5 H Webster Costella (J&H) 20:46; 6 J Heslop (Walls) 20:47; 7 B Curran (Gate) 20:56; 8 J Amin (SSh, W35) 21:01; 9 C Lowes (Els, W35) 21:05; 10 B Coleman (NSP, W40) 21:06; 11 A Hepinstall (Els) 21:12; 12 H Nagel (Heat) 21:16; 13 S Driscoll (Gosf) 21:17; 14 R Gill (Tyne Br, W35) 21:21; 15 E Foreman (Jes J) 21:37; 16 G Davies (NSP) 21:40; 17 A Banner (Els, W45) 21:46; 18 L Smith (Heat) 21:46; 19 A Walton (Black B, U15) 21:51; 20 C Burns (NSP, W35) 21:51
W45: 2 F Summerfield (Gate) 22:09; 3 L Matheson (Tyne Br) 22:14; 4 A Pearce (Els) 22:15. W50: 1 M Herworth (Clare) 22:34. W55: 1 J Archibold (Heat) 25:07. W60: 1 E Waters (Heat) 22:21. W65: 1 D Craig (Blay) 26:35
TEAM (3 to Score)
1 Elswick H 24; 2 Heaton H 29; 3 Gateshead H 33

Additional Comments: 482 finishers (last time: 47:21). Results courtesy of Mark Likeman (Race Tec) after race.