Terry O-Gara Memorial 5km.

West Allotment Country Park. Sun. 28th April.

This is AW Report / Results.
West Allotment Country Park, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear
Matthew Linsley gained his first high profile local win, when sprinting to victory at the 8th version of this Wallsend Harriers - organised event, held in memory of their former Chairman and top veteran athlete. Danielle Hodgkinson of the host club surprisingly gained her first victory in this event in the Womens' race.
In the warm and sunny conditions, a group of six athletes soon broke away from the 200-strong field with three runners all wearing Gateshead vests pulling away in the final 800m. Conrad Franks led with 100m remaining before Linsley sprinted to victory. Gus Withers, listed as Basildon, but now a member of Gateshead finished 2nd ahead of Franks. It was the first major Road Race success for Linsley who has only been competing seriously for less than two years. Alastair Johnson was the leading veteran in 9th position.
Hodgkinson, second in 2017, easily won the Womens' race finishing in 13th position overall. Her margin of victory was 75secs over Georgia Campbell the current North Eastern Counties Track champion over this distance. Steph Pattinson just held off Sophie Marr for third place. The leading veteran was Claire McManus in 5th position.
1 M Linsley (Gate) 15:34; 2 G Withers (Bas, U20) 15:37; 3 C Franks (Gate, M35) 15:38; 4 J Middlemist (Walls) 15:48; 5 L Taylor (Sun) 15:54; 6 J Meader (Heat) 16:08; 7 G Wallace (Black B, M35) 16:12; 8 J McKenzie (Heat) 16:15; 9 A Johnson (Gosf, M45) 16:16; 10 L Gifford (Tyne Br) 16:23; 11 A Muir (Blay) 16:31; 12 L Bennett (Morp, M50) 16:36; 13 D Hodgkinson (Walls, SW) 16:46; 14 A Heppell (Gosf, M40) 16:47
M40: 2 A Ball (Els) 17:09. M45: 2 A Pearson (N Yorks M) 17:16; 3 G Thorpe (Morp) 17:41. M50: 2 C Auld (Crook) 16:57. M55: 1 N Dick (NSP) 19:21. M60: 1 P Merrison (Sun) 18:02; 2 D Nicholson (Morp) 18:55; 3 G Bayne (Morp) 19:41; 4 M Woodward (J&H) 19:51. M70: 1 M McNally (Els) 20:59; 2 W Doidge (Low F) 23:00; 3 H Matthews (Els) 23:19
1 Hodgkinson 16:46; 2 G Campbell (J&H) 18:01; 3 S Pattinson (J&H) 18:25; 4 S Marr (Tyne Br) 18:26; 5 C McManus (NSP, W40) 18:59; 6 A Fuller (Els) 19:10; 7 G Manford (Gate, W35) 19:28; 8 J Brady (Tyne, W45) 19:32; 9 G Rutherford (J&H) 19:34; 10 C Maley (NSP, W40) 19:38; 11 M Thompson (NSP, W35) 19:48
W45: 2 C Collinson (Blay) 20:33; 3 A Campbell 21:15. W55: 1 C Page (Aln) 20:19; 2 A Kirtley (Gate) 23:06; 3 K Matthews (Els) 24:35. W60: 1 A Cummings (NSP) 22:42; 2 L Chapman (Morp) 24:12; 3 C Woods (Dur) 25:28. W65: 1 P Woodcock (Morp) 24:35

Additional Comments: Results courtesy of Results Base. 201 finishers (last time: 51:51).