58th Blyth Sands Handicap.

Blyth / Seaton Sluice. Sun. 3rd Dec.

Listed is AW report / results.
Blyth / Seaton Sluice, Northumberland
Mark McNally repeated his 2016 victory in this popular festive event organised by Blyth Running Club.
Competitors covered a distance of approximately 5M starting on the beach adjacent to the David Stephens Centre in Blyth, to Blyth Harbour, returning to Seaton Sluice and back to the finish.
Conditions were ideal, sunny, mild and little wind.
Having moved up an age-group in the past 12 months, McNally was getting an 11mins start as a M70, which was 2mins more generous than last year. Consequently his winning margin over the 176-strong field was a massive 2mins 20secs.
Ian Brown of Tynedale in the M60 age-group, finished second off a handicap of 7mins. Peter Grey in the same age-category finished third. Kurt Heron clocked the fastest time off scratch for the second year running, finishing in 9th position overall.
First Lady home was Steph McLean Dann in the W40 category. Off 7mins, Dann also clocked the fastest time and led her club North Shields Poly to a convincing team victory.
1 M McNally (Els, M70) 24:39; 2 I Brown (Tyne, M60) 26:59; 3 P Grey (Aln, M60) 27:03; 4 M Parkinson (NSP, M45) 27:16; 5 I Norman (Heat, M55) 27:19; 6 S Maclean-Dann (NSP, W40) 27:27; 7 K Davis (NSP, W50) 27:34; 8 H Robinson (J&H, W55) 27:49; 9 K Heron (Ashington Hirst) 27:50; 10 G Bayne (Morp, M60) 28:01; 11 P Whalley (Blyth, M45) 28:05; 12 P Brown (Blyth, M45) 28:15; 13 J Carnaffin (W55) 28:16; 14 A Heppell (Gosf, M40) 28:31; 15 N McAnany (Morp, M55) 28:35; 16 G Penn (NSP, M50) 28:44; 17 A Johnson (M45) 28:57; 18 J Bradley (Elv, W60) 29:14; 19 M Gaughan (Blyth, M60) 29:17; 20 N Cameron (Heat, W45) 29:22
Fastest: Heron 27:50; P O'Mara (Tyne Br) 29:52; Parkinson 30:16; Heppell 30:31; P West (NSP, M35) 30:53
Women: Maclean-Dann 34:27; Davis 36:34; L Turzynski (Tyne Br) 36:57; R Oldham (Gosf, W40) 37:07; Cameron 37:22
TEAM (Mixed) (4 to Score)
1 North Shields Poly 33; 2 Blyth 66; 3 Heaton H 89

Additional Comments: Listed above is AW report / results. Results courtesy of Dave Kitching (4.00pm). 176 finishers (last time: 64:03). Weather was very sunny but slightly blinded view of finish. Other Heaton H counters were (actual times): 21 J Smith (M50) 33:28; 43 J Archibold (W55) 42:09. Ian Norman's time was 32:19. Other placings included: 163 R Checkley (M75+) 57:48; 173 J Kilgour (W65) 64:42; 174 G Routledge (M70) 63:36.