Weekly Round-up

(to 31st Dec).

Result of the Sunderland 5km Park Run at Silksworth (31st) 1 T Field (Sun, M45) 17:07; 2 L Taylor (Sun S) 18:58; 3 A Hughes (unatt) 20:31 M70: 1 J Prudham (J&H) 24:55; 2 D Whitmore (SSh) 27:00
Women: 1 K Pearson (Elv) 21:48; 2 C Milsom (unatt, W45) 24:38; 3 K Sygrove (Elv, W45) 24:45
(full result from Park Run website on 1st Jan). 52 finishers (last time: 42:52). Bright dry morning but parts of course, especially near start and finish were iced over, despite thaw. Runners were told to run on adjacent grass instead, but winner seemed to fly in the ice, clocking an excellent time. Allen Mulliss finished 29th (27:12).
Result of the Ely New Years Eve 10km: W: 1 F Milton (WG&EL) 34:44 (by 4mins 45secs); 3 Y Thiru (Els, W40) 39:41.
Result of the Guisborough Woods Race (27th): 1 P Sanderson (NFR, M40) 39:17; 2 L Adams (SSh) 40:48; 3 P LOwe (NYM, M40) 41:29 Team: North Yorks Moors Women: 1 C Williamson (Loft) 49:16 (by 32secs). Team: Loftus.
This info courtesy of AW, which arrived on 11th Jan.
Cancelled because of icy conditions was the Ripon Jolly Holly Jog 10km (28th).