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At the Heaton Xmas Handicap (21st Dec), Ian McKinnon passed George Routledge with 1M remaining. George was about 100m behind. In third place place was Dan Robins clocking an excellent time of 17mins 4secs. Alice Lorenzi (nice to see her back) was the fastest lady in 24th position. Jenny Friend and Fiona Turley were the next best. There was a good turn-out of 29 runners, on a cool evening, with little wind.
Full Results: 1 I McKinnon 23:55; 2 G Routledge 25:01; 3 D Robins 17:04; 4 J Wilson 18:16; 5 J Marshall 20:08; 6 K Beaumont (L) 23:06; 7 H Gold 20:11; 8 P Bhogal 19:01; 9 D Burn 17:42; 10 S Thain (L) 24:16; 11 M Gibson 19:07; 12 M Dover 23:21 (L); 13 C Auld 18:51; 14 A Mulliss 21:36; 15 A Tunmore 24:59 (L); 16 J Friend 21:54 (L); 17 M Miles 18:06; 18 D Young 23:49; 19 J Josephs 22:02; 20 P Gold (L) 23:53; 21 J Richardson 21:09; 22 B Rouse 28:09 (L); 23 J Sanders 21:53; 24 A Lorenzi 21:44 (L); 25 C Brown 23:01; 26 F Turley 22:12 (L); 27 J Myles 25:45 (L); 28 K Rawling (L) 27:52; 29 R Checkley 27:54.
At the Social Evening, Ted Baty took over the secretary's post from George Routledge, who will still organise social events/races. My pop quiz proved quite difficult, and I might have to adapt for future years. Copies of tape available on request.

Newcomer Jonathon Richardson narrowly won the Heaton Bi-Monthly Handicap (3rd Nov), catching long time-leader George Routledge with 30m remaining. Anthony Ball finished 3rd. Sarah Nelson was fastest lady in 12th, one place ahead of backmarker John Moore, who was off 9mins 40secs. 27 runners took part, on what was a damp but now dry and mild evening. Full results: 1 J Richardson 20:44; 2 G Routledge 26:25; 3 A Ball 18:41; 4 J Bass (L) 22:48; 5 M Finn (L) 24:20; 6 M Miles 17:43; 7 A Tunmore (L) 24:43; 8 D Burn 17:56; 9 E Baty 20:49; 10 A Lorenzi (L) 20:50; 11 D Robins 18:00; 12 S Nelson (L) 20:36; 13 J Moore 16:23; 14 S McEntee 20:04; 15 A Mulliss 21:18; 16 S Allan 23:13; 17 H Gold 20:46; 18 F Turley (L) 21:10; 19 D Wright 20:42; 20 D Young 24:04; 21 Kate McEntee 23:33; 22 C Auld 19:33; 23 J Padden (L) 25:10; 24 J Josephs 22:14; 25 P Gold (L) 24:48; 26 K Beaumont (L) 24:32; 27 E Appleby 24:31

Congratulations to Denis Field on bettering UK M75 best in Javelin by 20cms, with a throw of 27.20m at Jarrow on 28th September. He now holds records in all age groups from M55 - M75.

Reg Checkley struggled with injury at World Masters Championships, finishing 800m but dropping out in 1500m and Steeplechase.

Chris Auld (off 6:20) won the Heaton Bi-Monthly Handicap (25th Aug), with a late finishing burst. John Moore (9:30) clocked the fastest time  while Alice Lorenzi (4:20) was slightly faster than Fiona Turley (5:00) in the Women's section. There were 20 runners on a bright but cool evening. Full results: 1 C Auld 18:47; 2 L Austin (L) 26:15; 3 J Taylor (L) 26:15; 4 M Dover (L) 23:26; 5 A Lorenzi (L) 20:59; 6 S Allan 22:53; 7 D Robins 17:43; 8 J Myles (L) 24:25; 9 A Mulliss 20:43; 10 J Moore 16:05; 11 M Miles 17:58; 12 S McEntee 19:48; 13 F Turley (L) 21:00; 14 J Willingham (L) 23:52; 15 C Brown 22:19; 16 A Tunmore (L) 24:54; 17 P Gold (L) 23:57; 18 K Beaumont (L) 23:18; 19 D Young 24:34; 20 H Gold 21:37.

Reg Checkley (off 3.30) caught long-time leader George Routledge (-2mins) with 30m remaining to win Heaton Bi-Monthly Handicap (2nd June).
Scott McEntee (5:30) finished 3rd. Fastest was Dan Robins ahead of Mick Miles (both off 7:40). Karen Beaumont (3:40) was fastest lady. Conditions were bright and dry, but a strongish wind was blowing. Result (actual times): 1 R Checkley 21:41; 2 G Routledge 27:14; 3 S McEntee 19:59; 4 P Gold 23:07; 5 Kate McEntee 22:44; 6 D Wright 20:06; 7 D Robins 18:07; 8 H Mitford 23:10; 9 M Miles 18:14; 10 J Marshall 20:40; 11 A Mulliss 21:03; 12 H Gold 20:18; 13 K Beaumont 22:30; 14 C Brown 22:07; 15 A Tunmore 24:25; 16 E Baty 21:27; 17 D Young 23:53; 18 Mg Finn 25:55.

At the Gateshead Lunchtime Handicap Presentation evening (25th Apl), the team of George Harden and myself, finished 2nd (by 1pt), in the quiz, behind a Trevor Hopkins-inspired squad. They were 1pt behind at halfway, but had a full house in the second half.

John Moore won Heaton Harriers Rington Cup (12th Apl), for the 11th successive year. Dan Robins finished 2nd ahead of Micky Miles (1st vet). Fiona Turley won Womens' race from Alice Lorenzi and Jenny Friend (1st vet). Janice Padden (off -00.30) won sealed handicap. 36 runners (a record in "modern" times) took part. Full results are (courtesy of GR): 1 J Moore 16:15; 2 D Robins 18:00; 3 M Miles 18:14; 4 M Gibson 19:05; 5 P Bhogal 19:11; 6 J Wilson 19:50; 7 B Craddock 20:03; 8 I Legge 20:09; 9 J Marshall 20:19; 10 D Wright 20:26; 11 H Gold 20:40; 12 F Turley (L) 20:53; 13 D Stuart 20:59; 14 A Mulliss 21:04; 15 A Lorenzi (L) 21:14; 16 G Sarson 21:14; 17 J Josephs 21:30; 18 J Friend (L) 21:32; 19 R Checkley 21:47; 20 C Brown 22:13; 21 P Leslie (L) 22:19; 22 S McEntee 22:20; 23 K Beaumont (L) 22:48; 24 Kate McEntee 23:05; 25 P Gold (L) 23:27; 26 S Huntley 23:31; 27 D Young 23:49; 28 M Dover (L) 24:02; 29 A Tunmore (L) 24:27; 30 M Finn (L) 24:38; 31 J Langton (L) 24:44; 32 C Pillar 24:44; 33 J Padden (L) 24:57; 34 J Myles (L) 25:19; 35 B Rouse (L) 27:14; 36 G Routledge 27:37. Weather was bright but a cool breeze blowing. At Social evening, main awards went to Susan Auld (Most Improved athlete), Pauline Leslie (Athlete of the Year), and Malcolm Gibson (Harrier League top points scorer). Yours truly ( a complete surprise), Dick Balding and Eric Appleby got "Life Membership" presentation salvers. The "Officials" team finished 4th team of nine in the quiz. Was "on my own" in pop round.

Chris Dolman won the Heaton Christmas Handicap (21st Dec) off a handicap of 4mins 30secs. His actual time was 19mins 30secs. Newcomer Alice Lorenzi (off 3:00) finished 2nd (actual time: 21:37) and G Sarson (off 3:00) 3rd (21:38). Other placings were: 4 K Beaumont 22:51; 5 J Wilson 18:37; 6 R Checkley 22:09; 7 M Gibson 20:01: 8 Adelmo 17:36 (fastest); 9 A Tunmore 25:50; 10 D Young 22:47; 11 P Gold 23:34; 12 J Marshall 20:48; 13 D Robbins 17:49; 14 B Rouse 27:50; 15 Kate McEntee 24:04; 16 S McEntee 20:07; 17 A Mulliss 21:39; 18 J Padden 26:44; 19 D Burn 18:07; 20 H Gold 21:01; 21 A Kostalas 26:44; 22 C Ward 23:55. Conditions were reasonable, dry, little wind and not too cold. At the Social Evening, I found George's Pop Quiz fairly hard (had never heard of Mel C and Atomic Kitten tracks), though my own quiz proved more difficult than usual. I caught everyone out with Hayley Westenra's version of "Wuthering Heights". Surprisingly how many answers are given (especially by another question-master) that are NOT among the initials of the answers.

Dan Robbins won the Heaton Bi-monthly Yacht Handicap (2nd Nov), in an actual time of 17mins 58secs. An excellent total of 29 runners took part. John Moore off 9:30, finished in 9th position with the fastest time of 16mins 24secs. Jenny Friend (off 4:20) was fastest lady finishing 20th (20:27). Conditions were cold but dry. There were actually some late entries. Full results (with actual times) are: 1 D Robbins; 2 F Turley (L) 22:13; 3 K Beaumont (L) 23:54; 4 M Dover (L) 24:47; 5 G Sarson 23:47; 6 J Marshall 20:38; 7 R Checkley 22:41; 8 C Auld 19:33; 9 J Moore; 10 E Baty 20:37; 11 S McEntee 19:50; 12 E Appleby 22:09; 13 D Wright 20:00; 14 A Mulliss 21:11; 15 R Kane (L) 23:54; 16 A Kostalas (L) 25:17; 17 P Gold (L) 23:47; 18 Adelmo (Brazilian off 8:20) 17:59; 19 M Gibson 20:44; 20 J Friend; 21 B Rouse (off -1:00) 27:29; 22 C Brown 21:31; 23 S Thain (L) 25:35; 24 H Gold 20:52; 25 C Ward 21:46; 26 J Josephs 22:05; 27 A Tunmore (L) 25:41; 28 D Young 24:03; 29 G Routledge (off -2:00) 30:22.

Twenty runners took part in the Heaton Bi-monthly Yacht Handicap (7th Sept). Susan Auld was the winner in an actual time of 20mins 43secs (off 3:40) ahead of newcommer D Robbins (18:48 off 5:50) and Pauline Leslie (21:36 off 3:30). Backmarker John Moore (off 9:30) returned to some decent form to finish 13th in the fastest time of 16mins 32secs. Robbins, Chris Auld (10th in 19:08) and Scott McEntee (11th in 19:21) were the next fastest. Jenny Friend (22:06) was third fastest lady. Other times included Allen Mulliss (8th in 20:27) and Reg Checkley (16th in 22:59). George R and Eric A did not run. Conditions were ideal. Bright, little wind and cooler.

A belated congratulations to Claire Smallwood, who was married on 20th Aug.

With the Olympic Games now completed, the review is now be included. Congratulations to the brilliant Kelly Holmes, the Mens' sprint Relay team  and Kelly Sotherton.
Looking at the Marathon, in which Jon Brown ran well, the "rubbish" that tried to assault the Brazilian leader, should be caged for life.

Apologies to English Schools Cup followers, but it is a very difficult competition to get results from. The only info I have (courtesy of Simon Leonard) is that Carmel College, Darlington (the only regional team to qualify) finished 12th and 11th respectively in the Intermediate Girls' and Boys' events, respectively. Phillip Collins won the High Jump (1.77m). An impressive JB Hurdles record of 11.15secs (aided by 3mps wind), but as yet do not know the name of athlete. The Champions at the end of the day were:
Junior Girls – Cooper Co. & Coburn School , Upminster
Junior Boys – Greensward College
Intermediate Girls – Waddesdon Cof E School
Intermediate Boys – Southend High School
Fuller details eventually but not known at present (23rd). Unreadable results on Schools website..

John Moore finished 31st (out of 64), at World Croquet Championships, at Brighton (result from website). Too complicated to explain how he ended in this position.

Enclosed correspondence relating to last part of Jason Henderson's editorial in AW (30th June). The subject is evident.
Hi Jason,
Re comments about lack of publicity of English Schools Champs at Norwich Union International.
I was not there, but have been to most "lesser" meetings at Gateshead this season. The event has been well advertised at these meets, and is regularly appearing on the scoreboard. There have also been many "adverts" over the mike (especially at NE Champs). Other local athletics venues are also advertising the event. All athletic clubs should have a poster on their noticeboard (not sure about Sports centres etc).
Why it was not mentioned on Sunday, I don't know, but I am concerned that they were publicising the "Run the Mile" event, instead.
Info on the Exhibition Park event, has certainly not reached some of the athletic clubs and no officials are aware of any details. I would certainly like to know who the organisers of the Newcastle event are, as they are obviously unaware of what is going on across the river at the same time ?
Les Venmore.

I just thought it was ironic and a little sad that the infield presenters from Fast Track went out of their way to publicise the mile runs at Exhibition Park but did not even mention the fact the English Schools was happening on the same day in the same stadium everybody was sitting in!

Les Reply.
What is even worse is that UK Athletics seem to be supporting a rival event, across the river, when it would appear that no clubs/officials are involved.
Les V.

14 competitors took part in the Heaton Bi-monthly Handicap (29th Jun). A Marshall (son of John) was the winner. Result was (handicap + actual time): 1 A Marshall (3:40) 20:40; 2 J Marshall (3:40) 20:53; 3 J Friend (L) (gst) (3:10) 21:42; 4 C Auld (5:50) 19:25 (fastest); 5 J Young (4:50) 20:30 (fastest lady); 6 S McEntee (6:00) 19:31; 7 P Gold (L) (2:30) 23:08; 8 H Gold (5:50) 20:13; 9 E Appleby (4:00) 22:14; 10 S Huntley (6:00) 20:27; 11 M Tunmore (1:50) 24:50; 12 C Brown (5:00) 21:47; 13 D Young (3:40) 23:08; 14 E Watson (5:00) 22:19

Please note that due to the depth of results in track season, any delayed info sent to AW (ie. not from previous 9 days), will unlikely be used in "Weekly Round-up".

Due to what appears to be revised postal deliveries, AW is arriving a lot later in the week now, and consequently "Weekly Round-up" is unlikely to appear before Friday, in future.

Despite not being at his fittest, John Moore won the Heaton Rington Cup (20th Apl), in ideal conditions, for the tenth year, in succession. His time was 16mins 57secs. Micky Miles was 2nd and first veteran (18:05), with D Wright 3rd (19:53). Pauline Leslie won Womens' race (22:19) (13th overall) ahead of Susan Auld (22:45) (15th) and Rachel Kane (23:51) (18th) (a guest runner K Davison was actually third lady) (16th in 22:51). John Josephs won sealed handicap (off 4:50)) (10th in 20:58)  (altered later to D Wright as arithmetic was incorrect). Other placings were 4 Scott McEntee 19:55; 5 Howard Gold 20:05; 6 John Marshall 20:07; 7 Ted Baty 20:33; 8 Allen Mulliss 20:49; 9 Malcolm Gibson 20:56; 11 David Boyd 21:46; 12 Eric Appleby 21:52; 14 James Ellam 22:35; 17 Denis Young 23:02 (2 days after "London"); 19 Helen Mitford 24:37; 20 Mandy Tunmore 24:54; 21 Janice Padden 24:55; 22 Simon Huntley (missed start by 3mins 26secs: actual time 21:32); 23 Barbara Rouse 28:45
Award winners were Jo Smith (Athlete of the Year), Jeff Wilson (Most Improved Athlete), and ,
Allen Mulliss (both DP Furniture Express NEHL competitions).
The Officials team of myself and Dick Balding dnf in the quiz. RB went home early and a bad solo pop round, and surprisingly second picture round, forced this decision. The team of Wilson's Wonders were comfortable winners (they gained maximum points on pictures).

Reg Checkley started a six week trip to New Zealand today (11th Apl). He is supposed to be competing in World Veterans Non Stadia Championships, but is injured at present.

Congratulations (30th Mch) to Lynn and James on the recent birth of their son Daniel, and Reg and Caroline on the recent birth of grand-daughter Samantha.

Apologies to all my readers. The website update had been delayed due to computer problems. Hopefully everything is now back to normal. It would appear as if I kept a file with a virus by accident, and unknowingly deleted the anti-virus file. Thanks to John Moore and Reg Checkley for their invaluable assistance.

Jeff Wilson won the Heaton Yacht Handicap (10th Feb), with an actual time of 19:51. He was actually fastest on the evening. Reg Checkley took second place (22:46) though a minute behind, with Allen Mulliss third (21:32). Other placings included: 6 Eric Appleby 22:34; 9 Malcolm Gibson 21:53; 11 Scott McEntee 21:23; 12 George Routledge 28:28 (off - 1mins); 13 Simon Huntley 21:37. There were 15 runners. No women took part, though to be fair, that was due to a lack of communication, mainly from myself. Weather was quite cold and windy, which is probably why times were slower than usual. .

Congratulations to Scott McEntee and Kate Forsyth, who got married in Australia on 8th January. They left the North East on 26th Dec, and did not return until late January. "Our Tim" got married on 21st Dec (a Sunday !). Glen Forster was best man (this info from Kevin Carr).

Simon Huntley won the Heaton Christmas Handicap on 16th Dec, gaining victory for the second successive event in the bi-monthly series. His actual time was 19:50.  Second was Scott McEntee (19:57) and third Chris Auld (20:12).  John Moore was fastest in 16:20, finishing in 11th place off a handicap of 10mins. Para Bhogal was 2nd fastest (4th in 18:58). Rachel Kane, who led until Appletree Gardens, was 6th in 23:55 and fastest lady. Pam Gold (14th in 24:09) and Kate Forsyth (17th in 24:54), were the next quickest.
20 ran with Reg Checkley taking it easy at back (26:37). Other placings included: Allen Mulliss (8th in 21:09), Howard Gold (now 60) (9th in 20:34) and Eric Appleby (10th in 22:17).
At the social evening afterwards, the all conquering team of John Moore, Malcolm Gibson and lady friend + George Routledge or Les V (depending on whose quiz it was), won both quizzes. In fact against all odds, they gained a maximum score in Les's popular annual quiz.

The first Northumbria Water Athletics Awards took place at the Gateshead Civic Centre tonight (24th Nov). Winners included (do not necessarily agree with all of these): Senior Athlete (Male): Chris Tomlinson  Female: Tanni Grey-Thompson  Junior Athlete (Male): Ryan McLeod  Female: Kelly Rodmell  Services to Coaching: Sid Robson, Joan Mills, Paul Jones (CleS)  Services to Local Athletics: Graham Hall, George and Audrey Ogle, Ernie Slaughter  Services to Athletics: Gateshead Council   Top Club: Gateshead H  Special Award: Jonathon Edwards.
Apart from those listed winners, other VIP's in attendance, included Max Jones, Terry Lomax, Peter Stanley, Matt Frazer, Richard Hunter, David Lowes, Dick Balding, John Gurney and David Tait..

Mens' Superstars Final (20th Nov): Only saw result but Du'aine Ladejo won easily and Jamie Baulch was third.

Saw final of Womens' Superstars (13th Nov). The athletes did not fare very well, but Katherine Merry was unlucky in Shooting event, being beaten by a record score by Annabelle Croft. Liz McColgan just went through the motions, and I think her daughter would have done better !

Congratulations to Kelly Rodmell, who was joint second in the BBC "Born to Win" final on Nov.1st. The winner was Rotherham Long Jumper, Louise Bloor.

A much better turn-out of 21 took part in the Heaton Yacht Handicap (21st Oct) on a bitterly cold evening.  Victory went to Simon Huntley (off 4:00) (actual time 20:26). Second was C Dolman (3:00) (21:30), with Paranjet Bhogal 3rd (5:10) (19:31). Backmarker Micky Miles (8:20) (18:19) was fastest in 14th position. Ian Legge (8th) (6:40) (19:27) was next best. :Pam Gold in 11th was fastest lady (2:40) (23:39) from Rachel Kane (13th) (2:30) (24:08). A Watson (4th) (1:00) (25:07) was third fastest (of 4).
Other placings included 9 Eric Appleby (4:00) (22:10); 17 Howard Gold (6:20) (20:35); 18 Reg Checkley (4:00) (23:02).

After tonight's AGM (8th Sept), the DP Furniture North Eastern Harrier League are introducing a handicap system, to the female events, during the forthcoming season. The packs will commence after the results of the first meeting on October 25th, at Durham. The time allowances/number of athletes promoted per pack, will be decided at a later date. The current number of promoted  male athletes, will also be discussed.

This is e mail sent to Sky Sports (6th Sept), the content being self evident.
Not being able to receive Sky Sports Xtra, I was looking forward to watching (by Video) the highlights of  the Brussels Athletics Grand Prix which were due to be shown on Sky Sports 2, between 2 and 5am, this morning (6th Sept). This was also confirmed by daily newspaper and Satellite Times listing. I was annoyed to see Tennis (not a sport I enjoy), instead, and no scheduling of the athletics. A similar thing happened at an earlier Grand Prix meeting, when it was originally shown on Xtra, and repeated on Sky Sports 3. However, transmission ended midstream at 2.00am
I await your comments.

Only 8 took part (7 finished as Chris Brown dropped out with sore heel), in Heaton Handicap on 14th August. David Boyd won in 24:52 (off 3:50), from Denis Young 24:58 (off 3:10), and Malcolm Gibson 25:47 (off 5:30). Eric Appleby 26:15 (off 4:00), John Moore 26:24 (off 10:20), Helen Mitford 26:26 (off 2:50) and George Routledge 27:03 (off zero), were the other finishers. John Moore was fastest (16:04). Furure events are likely to be reverted to Tuesday nights.

Casualties on the Road running circuit are Berwick Walls event in September, and future Croxdale 10M races. Don't know reason for Berwick, but entry not big enough in recent years at latter.

Charity runners arrived at John O'Groats at 3.30pm on Saturday (29th). This was 2 hours ahead of schedule. However they still had a 2 hour journey to stopover hotel. They arrived home at 6.00pm Sunday after a nine hour journey (roads slow in North of Scotland). It took 11 hours to get to Lands End.

Update on Charity Run: GR rang up saying that as at 6.30pm on Friday night (27th), they were 50M away from John O'Groats and are well on schedule. They are averaging about 8 - 9mph.
Steve Anderton pulled out injured after day 1, and is now an escorting cyclist.

Best wishes to the Heaton Harriers squad, who start their charity run today (20th June), from Lands End to John O'Groats. Not sure what time start is on opening day, but for rest of run, they start as early as 4.00am. They are due for a stop-over at Carlisle next Tuesday (24th).

There was a disappointing turn-out of 8 for the revamped Heaton Handicap Series tonight (5th June). First home was James Ellam (21:50) from Jo Parkinson (21:40) and Helen Mitford (23:15). Jo was actually fastest on the evening. Chris Brown was backmarker (21:45). Eric A clocked 22:05 and George R 26:55.

Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe on her world record in the London Marathon (13th April), of 2:15:25 (or 26?). Not sure about male pacemakers, though. Alsoto Gezahegne Abera on his victory in the mens' event (2:07:58). Further info on race, including George Routledge's performance, in Weekly Round-up.

John Moore won the Heaton Harriers Rington Cup on 8th April, for the ninth year in succession with a time of 15:34. Micky Miles, on a very rare outing was 2nd (and 1st veteran) in 17:55, with Ian Legge 3rd (19:14). Sean Kelly finished in 6th place (19:55), but went off course when lying in a safe second position. Howard Gold was 1st M50 (19:51) and also won sealed handicap (25:11). Eric Appleby was leading M60+ (22:02).  Jo Parkinson was first lady (22:46) ahead of Pam Gold (23:25) (1st veteran) and newcomer Rachel Kane (23:58). Only 15 ran (11 men + 4 women). The turn-out for the presentation evening was not much better. Gary Campbell was "most improved athlete", Eric Appleby was "athlete of the year" and Allen Mulliss won both Harrier League competitions. Joe Hawes and Gerry Shirley gained "Life membership" awards. At the quiz, the team of Dick Balding and myself were second. We were third after the picture round (mainly thanks to Dick), but pulled up on the quite difficult pop round (all my contribution). Sorry but I have never heard one of the tracks, Blur with "Universal". Due to an unecessarily late start, there was no time for the third (general knowledge) round.

At the annual Lunchtime Road Race presentation evening, at Gateshead Stadium, tonight (7th Apl), the Officials team of Dick Balding, Reg Checkley, Dave Whitmore and myself, were runners-up. We led after round 1 by 1point, but a very difficult second round, saw us lose by 2points. Reg goes to Atlanta tomorrow (8th) for 3 weeks.

I have noticed that despite cutting teams for main events, that full Great Britain squads are to be taken for short course events, in World Cross Country Championships. It seems strange to me, that since the introduction of these events, the standard of British middle distance running (for Men) has declined rapidly.

Much as I am a fan of Sam Crowe, not sure she is of the standard of Newcastle Sports Council "Rising Star" award ? On the same topic, why is it I never know anything about their awards dinner, until the day it takes place ?

Alexander Marshall  (11) (son of John), competing as a guest was first in the Heaton Yacht Handicap (4th Mch). He clocked 23:01 running with his father. Official winner was Scott McEntee (20:03), ahead of Gary Campbell (18:30) and John Josephs (20:54). 16 finishers. Pam Gold was fastest lady (of two) (23:48) and John Moore was quickest (15:59) finishing 11th off 10:20.

Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe and Haile Gebrselassie for their recent World records. Paula clocked 30:21 to set new figures for 10km on the road, at San Juan, Puerto Rico, on 23rd Feb. Haile, though clearly not at his very best, broke the Indoor 2M record, at Birmingham, on 21st Feb, with a time of 8:04.69. His mile splits were 4:03.1 and 4:01.5.


Pleased to see that there will only be one National Young Athletes Road Relay Championship, as from 2003, to be held in the spring. Info from AW.

The Heaton Christmas Handicap on Dec 17th, was won by newcomer Jeff Wilson, who went off 1:30. His actual time was 22:41. However, as he should have gone off a higher mark, the victory then went to Gary Campbell (fastest in 18:58) followed by John Josephs. Jo Parkinson was fastest lady (21:38). 18 ran. My Christmas Pop quiz seemed easy compared to that of George. People may complain, but they still do better, than they do in the pop section of George's quiz. The Ventures team (myself, Eric And Reg), did not excel, but I had a very poor pop round. A notable absentee was John Moore, who has been ill.

Congratulations to Paula for winning Sports Personality of Year award (8th Dec). Not really surprising. However, whilst I have no argument with third-placed Tony McCoy, the David Beckham runners-up spot was surprising, considering Man U never won anything, and he was recovering from injury, when playing in World Cup. Due to programme overrunning, I never saw presentation, as video recording ended before then (even though I allowed extra 15mins, after advertised finish time). Used to like programme on BBC, but since the advent of video etc, all the highlights have been shown over and over again, which makes it boring now.

As usual BBC coverage of European Cross Country Championships (8th Dec), left a lot to be desired. A "veterans" tennis match, seemed to be on every time I tuned in, so I missed start of broadcast. Did not see Charlotte Dale's win, and I assume Junior Mens' event was not covered. After Senior Mens' event was shown, no further info (eg British placings + team position), was given.

Went to Nova GNR Officials' reception at Baltic Centre (11th Nov). Actually spoke to Brendan, who is supposed to be "running" next year. Suggested Ted Joynson as his "minder", which amused John Caine.

Tuned in to New York Marathon on Eurosport (3rd Nov), at about 18M, and impression was given thereafter, that Sonia O'Sullivan had dropped out. I understand she finished 12th (2:32:08). Surprised to hear Bud Baldaro commentating.

Eric Appeby won the latest Heaton Yacht Handicap (15th Oct), in an actual time of 21:03. He was followed home by Gary Campbell (19:33), John Josephs and Ian Legge, who was fastest (19:31). Jo Parkinson was fastest lady (22:55). Sadly only 12 took part.

Congratulations to Paula on her world best time of 2:17:18 in today's Chicago Marathon (corrected time as BBC stated a second faster). She was actually 22nd in race. Liked comments of Brendan, saying that him and Steve could run as fast as Paula needed (13mins) in final 2M. Steve might but I doubt Brendan could. Surprised that ITV showed BBC pictures and (more so) used commentary on News. Thought USA presentation was not very good, ignoring minor placers in Mens' race. That was disgraceful. Sonia O'Sullivan won Great Ireland Run in 25:30 (16th overall) but best performance came from Andy Caine, who was third overall, in 23:36 behind Seamus Power (23:31). Dominic Bannister was 6th (23:58).

Please note that from the 1st October, weekly performance results, will be featured on appropriate web page.

Reg Checkley won M65 Pentathlon in Veterans-North East Championships. His 2213 points were made up of 21.87 (Discus), 3.03 (Long Jump), 33.9 (200m), 17.54 (Javelin) and 5:56.7 (1500m). Info courtesy of AW.

The less said about the World Cup, the better, but only a small section of the British team, have competed since mid-August ! Good performances from Jonathon, Lee McConnell and Jo Pavey. This competition was probably worthwhile over 15 years ago, but with the extended Grand Prix Series and the 2-yearly World Championships, it has lost the appeal. Congratulations to Paula for breaking British 10km Road record with 30:38 (22nd Sept), in windy conditions over a tough course in Richmond Park. However the advertised TV coverage was not on until about 5 o'clock. It must have been a nightmare watching Tennis (especially Henman), and Show Jumping before then. The programme's host (never seen him before) was, to say the least, poor. This is the trouble with BBC sports programmes.

At the National 10km event in Gloucestershire (15th Sept), Martin Scaife finished 9th (29:59) and Stewart Bell was 11th (30:05), behind Julius Kimtai (28:49). Both helped the North to a team victory. Ian Bloomfield was first M45 (33:51). Only 138 runners. Claire Smallwood, representing North (third team), was 11th Lady (36:16) out of 32. Info courtesy of race-results website.

Congratulations to Tim Montgomery for breaking World 100m record in Grand Prix Final at Paris today (14th Sept) (and to Dwain Chambers for British record of 9.87 secs). However to put this in context, Montgomery's 9.78 secs was on the maximum allowable limit (2m per sec), and was by the minimum of margins. I am also slightly confused as to why this performance was good enough to take the GP Mens' title (I thought it was on points) ? At the same meeting, Mens' 3000m was disgraceful (though they would have been faster than Brendan) and I am not sure if Mexican Womens' 400m runner, would be best after rounds of a Championship. Also I am sure I saw in the background, the start of an 800m race, which was never shown.

In Bradford 10km (8th Sept), which incorporated Inter Counties' event, Stewart Bell was 7th (30:46) and Rob Hand was 18th (31:31). Paul Lowe (19th in 31:36), Andrew Toward (36th in 32:32), and Simon O'Donnell (48th in 32:55), were the other North East counters. Steve Platts (Leics) was 14th (31:27) and Andrew Kilding (Yorks) was 31st (32:18). Only 145 competed, though there was a seperate Veterans' race, where a lot more ran. Julius Kimtai (29:32) was winner of main event. Info courtesy of Bingley H website. Ian Huspith dropped out of Great South Run, where Sonia O'Sullivan set World record 10M time of 51:00. Dianne Henaghan, representing Great Britain, was second in International Match at Barcelona. Competing in 3000m, her time of 9:14.27 was a pb. At Trafford Grand Prix (3rd September), Mark Brown was second in 1500m (3:54.38) and Chris Lamb was fourth (3:58.77). Info courtesy of AW, who rather annoyingly cut off Berwick results midstream.

In Inter Area match at Watford, Andrew Toward was third in Junior 3000m (8:41.32) and Chris Parr was 4th (8:44.99). Mark Christie won Pole Vault (4.40) ahead of Keith Higham (4.40). Chris Weitz was third in Long Jump (6.52). In Senior Womens' events, Sara Todd was third in 100m Hurdles (14.66), and Shirley Webb won Hammer (56.69). Morag McDonnell won Tolthorpe 10km in Yorkshire with a course record time of 34:53. She was 9th overall. Info from AW.

Thought Brussels Grand Prix was better than recent "high profile" meetings. To be honest El Guerrouj, although easily still the World Number 1, is probably "past his best". No time for Pintusevitch, who did not run the European Championships. On her day, Thanou is second best to Jones, anyway. She would probably have taken 2001 World 100m title, if she had not been penalised for false start, and was slow away in Final. Thought Jo Pavey ran well, but Turkish Womens' 1500m runner, was star performer. Not a Jon Ridgeon fan, but he is quite a good presenter. Alan Parry and Peter Matthews are a good commentary team (though not the case for Steve Smith), showing that ex-International athletes are not the best (note BBC). Mind you, I am sure that the Ethiopian that defeated Szabo, also defeated her at Crystal Palace, a fact not mentioned. Not very keen on Katherine Merry's hints, suggesting that making money, is more important than winning Championships !

Allen Mulliss won the Heaton Yacht Handicap (27th August), with an actual time of 19:53, a pb for the course. John Marshall was second and John Josephs, third. John Moore (off 10:20), with a time of 15:49, was fastest, finishing 8th out of 15. Jo Parkinson, who looked a winner on Benfield Road, pulled up lame.

In the European Veterans' Championships, at Potsdam, Reg Checkley clocked 2:46.53 in his M65 800m heat, and was 6th in the 2000m Steeplechase (9:13.0). Kath Stewart was 4th in the W60 800m (2:51.88) and 3rd in the 1500m (5:54.97). Archie Jenkins finished 10th in the M50 1500m (4:29.10) and 4th in the 5000m (16:31.18). At the Trafford Grand Prix, Chris Parr won the Northern Under 20 3000m (8:34.85) from Paul Hutton (8:35.46). In the BMC 800m races, Tom Ranger was 4th (1:50.62) and Gavin Massingham, 7th (1:51.33). Drew Graham won the C event (1:54.45). At the Civil Service Championships, Claire Moore won the Discus (44.52) and someone called M Brown (need to check if same) won the Mens' 800m (1:57.0) and 1500m (4:05.4). All info courtesy of AW

Thought London Grand Prix event (23rd August) was mainly disappointing. It was one of too many meetings after major Championships. Thought a certain World record was thrown away in Womens' 5000m. I think Szabo realised she would lose and did not want Ethiopian to claim it. Sally Gunnell is poor timekeeper. Sanchez ran 400m flat, 2.5 hours after Hurdles, not one hour. John Regis is absolutely dreadful. Does anybody (including BBC), think he is any good ?

At BMC 1500m event, at Watford on 14th August, Nick McCormick clocked 3:42.23 to finish in 7th place. Tom Ranger was 9th (3:44.01). Archie Jenkins was second in M50 10000m at European Veterans' Championships at Potsdam (Germany). His time was 34:14.16. Stewart Bell won Kirkby Stephen 10M (18th August) in a course record time of 52:24, by a large margin of 2mins 44secs. A certain Allen Mulliss (listed in result as M50), was second in White Horse Handicap at Darlington on 15th August. His race time was 59:33. All info from AW.

Went to Norwich Union International, at Glasgow (18th August). There was non-stop heavy rain, until about half hour, before programme finished. There was some good events, but it was a pity that a top class Womens' Pole vault, was delayed because of the weather, and virtually took a back seat. Lee McDonnell suffered from a bad lane draw 2 (she should have been swapped with other Briton in lane 5). Pleased Kelly Holmes got beat, after her comments at European Championships. Again a good jump, when it mattered from Jonathon. Both Steve and Brendan, could not believe, how weather was so much different to that in the North East (it deteriorated past Carlisle) ?

Border Harriers finished in 7th place in British League Division 1 match, at Barnet on 3rd August, and lie 7th overall. Paul Reed was second in B Shot (15.29) and was sixth in A Discus (49.71). Border won the UK Womens' League Division 3 match at Wigan on 4th August, and comfortably took title. Sara Todd won both Hurdles (14.5 and 64.5) and B Long Jump (4.99). In Division 4 event at Cardiff, Gateshead finished 7th and were 7th overall. Because of withdrawal of Middlesbrough and Cleveland (from Division 3), they survive. As from April 2003, they will be able to field athletes from other clubs. Titi Ameobi was second in 100m (12.8), Charlotte Wickham was 2nd in 1500m (4:40.2) and Claire Taylor (who ?) won B event (4:48.2). Lucy Butler was 2nd in Long Jump (5.28) and Triple Jump (10.74) and Lisa Weatherill won Shot (11.43). Claire Moore won Discus (43.60) and Lisa-Marie Shippen was 2nd in Hammer (35.55). All info courtesy of AW.
Gemma Fergusson and Claire Brason representing Sale, won the 100m Hurdles (14.1) and 400m Hurdles (63.9), at the National Junior League at Wakefield, on 28th July.

As expected several North East medallists were omitted from British Veterans' report. Extra info courtesy of AW (there is a photo of Eric A). Congratulations, particularly to Reg Checkley who won M65 2000m Steeplechase (9:37.22). Gold medals, not previously mentioned went to Barry Parnaby (M70 200m), Brenda Elliott (W50 200m) and Kath Stewart (W60 800m and 1500m). Silver medallists were Paul Merrison (M40 Steeplechase) and Alan Dent (M45 10000m). Bronze medals went to Eric Smart (M45 200m) and Angela Beadnall (W40 100m and 200m).

First news of Northumberland Coastal Run (July 21st), is that Ieuan Ellis won, but did not attend presentation, which upset local media. Info from George Routledge who clocked 2hrs 50mins +, after slowing down after 10M.

Just seen results of National "Boys Clubs" Championships (courtesy of AW/July 24th). Gavin Massingham set new record in Senior 400m (50.6). M Scott won Under 15 400m (55.6), P Brown won Shot (9.29), Emily Wood won Under 15 Girls' 100m (13.5) and 200m (27.7). E Spoor won Under 13 800m (2:37.6) and Stephanie Hopkinson won Shot (8.28). All represented Durham.

Gateshead won their final Young Athletes League match on 21st July, and finished third overall, qualifying for National final. The Under 17 4 x 400m team of Ben Walpole, Daniel Pope, Kieran Flannery and Craig Glanville, set club record of 3mins 32.3secs. Chris Campbell was not available, being in Malta, for European Catholic Schools' Championships. Graham Jackson, who won Schools' International at Glasgow, the day before (14.20), won Triple Jump (14.29) and Long Jump (6.73) (Keith Higham was second in Pole Vault at Glasgow with a height of 3.80). In the Girls' League match, Gateshead finished third and were fourth overall. The Under 15 Girls' sprint Relay team of Roisin Willi, Kirsty Thomas, Sophie De La Hunt and Lauren Arthur, set new club record (50.8 secs). At an Under 23 International at Cardiff, Claire Moore was fifth in the Discus (45.94m). Info courtesy of Chris Betts.

Gemma Fergusson was third in her semi final of 100m Hurdles, in World Junior Championships, in Kingston, but her time of 13.81 secs, was not good enough for a final place. Info courtesy of

Mark McDonald of Low Fell, won inaugural Wooler 10K on 14th July. His estimated time was 33:40. Info courtesy of Kevin Carr and Alan Elders.

Jared Deacon would be disappointed with third placing in A.A.A 400m. To my mind, he started off too slow, and gave himself too much to do at finish. The Hudspiths did not reach venue, as they were caught up in a 30M tailback of traffic.

Mick Jones (South Shields) won Amnesty Run on Town Moor (14th July). Heaton had four runners, Howard Gold, Eric Appleby, Pam Gold and George Routledge, who dropped out (injured). About 100 ran, but not sure if I will ever see results. (later found out that Brian Bernstein, was second). Ted Joynson also "competed". Apparently Chris White got married the day before, and he has a young baby.

Border Harriers finished seventh in their second British League match, at Birmingham (6th July). Jared Deacon was second in B 200m (21.73), the same time that Chris Tomlinson (Newham) won C race. Tomlinson also won Long Jump (7.66). Richard Smith won B 400m Hurdles (52.02). Info courtesy of AW (not on BAL website by Monday night). Paul Reed was not competing, but had returned to competition, three days earlier, by winning the National Police Discus title (53m +). Competing for Border (3rd) in the UK Womens' League Division 3 match at Scunthorpe, Sara Todd won 100m Hurdles (14.3), and was third in Long Jump (5.07). Gateshead were seventh in their Division 4 match at Yale. Veronica Wadukawo won the 100m (12.1) and 200m (24.8). Amy Teale (a new recruit), was third in 100m Hurdles (15.6). Lisa Weatherill was second in Shot (11.10) and Elaine Dwan won B event (10.21), as well as taking B Hammer (30.49). Claire Moore won Discus (42.97) and Lisa-Marie Shippen was third in Hammer (37.08). Lucy Butler was third in Triple Jump (10.55).

Nick McCormick clocked 3:43.43 to finish 4th, in main BMC 1500m race, at Eton on 3rd July. The Darlington Pitstop 10K at Croft, was won by Alisdair Tatham (33:56). Dawn Richardson was officially listed as first Woman (39:58), but in eighth place was an S (Susie?) Rutherford of Darlington (38:12).
Tom Radcliffe and Eric Appleby competed at Veterans League Meeting at Jarrow (1st July). Eric was well beaten by Ian Barnes in M65 3000m. Ian also won 800m. No further information or times available yet.

Mark Hudspith won Wymondham 10M in Norfolk on 30th June, by over 8 minutes, in a time of 50:11. Info from AW.

Vaughan Hemy (55:47) won Dave Scanlon Memorial Race, at Whitley Bay (30th June), from other NSP runners, Ian Twaddle (56:18), Tony Wallett (56:18) and Tony Mellor (M40) (56:18). Helen Wilcox (NSP) was first lady (64:35) ahead of Carolyn Smith (W45) (67:30) and Sally Gold (69:02). Individual info from AW. The second team consisted of Howard, Pam and Sally (Gold) and John Josephs. I don't think it was a race, as we know it. Ieuan Ellis won Les Allcorn 10K at Alnwick (33:11), from Les Atkinson (33:37) and Archie Jenkins (35:40). Alnwick's Brenda Pickersgill (44:37) won Womens' race. Info from Chronicle.

Went to Norwich Union International at Sheffield (June 30th). The wind helped the sprinters and Javelin throwers, but spoilt the longer races. Jonathon did not seem bothered in the Triple Jump.

Congratulations to Great Britain for winning European Cup. It was certainly more interesting than last few years, and I think we took it more seriously. Special mention to Chris Tomlinson (8.17 in Long Jump), Jonathon Edwards (17.19 in Triple Jump) and Jared Deacon (second on first leg of 4 x 400m in 45.8, behind World silver medallist), who all gained maximum points.

At BMC Meeting at Solihull on 22nd June, Claire Smallwood was sixth in 5000m in pb of 16:49.60 and Sonia Thomas won B 1500m in (I think) a pb of 4:23.9.

At Regional Schools Cup B Final at Jarrow on 19th June, there were more top local athletes competing. Delyth James (King Edward) won Intermediate Girls'1500m (5:15.7) from Emily Whewell (Dame Allans). Roisin Willi (King Edward) won Intermediate 100m (13.3), Jonathon Pearson (Ponteland) took Junior Boys' 1500m (4:46.4) and Shaun Stewart (Prudhoe) won Intermediate Boys' 1500m (4:35.8). James Sinclair (Duchess) (11.8 in Intermediate 100m) and Ben Lavender (King Edward) (23.8 in Intermediate 200m) were also successful. A Morpeth Harrier (name unknown) from Cramlington High, won B Intermediate 800m (2:14.3). It was breezy but wind not as strong as recently.

At Regional Schools Cup A Final at Jarrow on 17th June, individual results included a 400m win for Craig Glanville (Biddick) (51.1). Lewis Robson won B race in 54.3. Kieran Flannery (RGS) won Pole Vault (2.90) and 1500m (4:32.6). Sophie De La Hunt (Central High), won Junior 200m (27.4) and Jessica Roberts (Northallerton) won Junior 1500m (5:21.2). It was very windy especially in Girls Track events early on.

Congratulations to Jared Deacon, for finishing second in 400m in personal best time of 45.57 secs, at Commonwealth Games Trials (16th June). Ian Hudspith was fourth in 10000m (3rd England) in 28:46.40. Andy Caine was 10th (29:27.07). Anthony Borsumato (was it his first run of season?) was second in 400m Hurdles (49.52). Chris Tomlinson won Long Jump (7.98). Claire Brason was 7th in 400m Hurdles (60.46) and Ruth Irving was sixth in Long Jump (6.06). Finally Chris Parr was fifth in A.A.A. Junior Mens' 3000m in a personal best time of 8:29.28. Why, however was this race on, the same weekend as County Schools' events ?

Heaton Yacht Handicap (11th June), was won by Howard Gold. Eric Appleby finished third, and John Moore (suffering from cold) was fastest (16:00). 17 ran.

Jared Deacon, who was 2nd in 400m Hurdles (51.0) to Chris Surety (50.9) was only North East medallist, in Inter Counties Championships at Bedford. Tom Ranger (Mile) and Chris Sampson (Steeplechase), were 4th and Ian Holliday (High Jump) was 5th. Info courtesy of AW. Should the region still support this "past it's sell by date" event ?

North East athletes did well in London Mini Marathon (info courtesy of AW). Chris Parr won Under 17 event (12:47) with Ryan McLeod 4th (12:51). Khalid Thompson (15:13) and Jonathon Cook (15:18) occupied the first two places in Under 13 Boys' race, with Richard Cunningham 5th (15:41). In the Under 17 womens' race, Charlotte Wickham was third (14:47), with Rosie Smith 7th (15:39) and Sam Crowe an excellent 9th (15:41) (especially as she is two years younger, than most of her rivals). Mark Rostron was second in Wheelchair event.

Congratulations to Paula, who clocked the second fastest time ever of 2:18:56 when winning London Marathon. Also to Khalid Khammouchi for setting world best in Mens' race, of 2:05:38 which took 4 secs off his old figures. Thought Brendan Foster was right (surprisingly) to pull-up Steve Cram, re his comments about the winner being a Sunderland supporter, as he neared the finish. Dave Robertson was first veteran (48th in 2:27:11), with Ieuan Ellis third (2:29:20), and Rob Hand a disappointing 5th (2:31:25). Lenny Christopher was first in M55 category (2:49:50). Updated information from AW. Heaton had six runners led by Chris Brown (2408th in 3:12:51). Ruth Sills (7021st in 3:41:16) was leading lady (since confirmed 691st Woman). Information from london-marathon website.

Congratulations to Chris Tomlinson for breaking Lynn Davies' 1968 British Long Jump record of 8.23m, with a leap of 8.27m in Florida. The main problem of course, is that Tomlinson no longer competes for a North East club.

John Moore won Heaton H Rington Cup Championship (April 9th), for 8th successive year, in time of 15mins 42secs. Micky Miles was second and first veteran (17:32), with Ian Legge third (18:31). Anita Nott won Womens' race (20:25), from Shirley Atkinson (21:03) and Jo Parkinson (first Senior) (22:15). Mandy Tunmore won Sealed Handicap. Shirley won "most improved athlete" award and Gerry Shirley was "athlete of the year" with his success in the M70 category. Allen Mulliss won Harrier League trophy. In Social Evening quiz, the team of John Moore and myself finished joint first with two others. We were last on Picture round (surprise surprise), but took the lead after having much the best music round (though George did play three songs which had been re-recorded, and sounded nothing like the original artist). The final GK round saw us lose the 1 point advantage.

Finished runners-up in Lunchtime Road Race League Social Evening Quiz (25th March). Team of Dick Balding, Alan Elders and myself, were joint second along with two others, but won tie-break. Found out that Harry Matthews was actually second Over 55 at National Veterans' XC Champs (apologies to him). Agreed also with remarks that Cross Country Course at Prudhoe, was very poor for spectators, as you could only see runners for 150m, going up and downhill at start and finish.

Happy New Year to all my reader(s). My New Year's wish (however forelorn), is that athletes would make up there own minds, as to which events they want to take part in, and not leave it to their coaches, or in some cases, agents.


A disappointing turn-out (12), in Heaton H Christmas Handicap (Dec 18th). It was won by Gary Campbell from John Moore, who clocked fastest time of 16:08. There were more people at Social Evening afterwards. George's Picture quiz made my Music Quiz look easy. Got caught out in George's Music round, with Manic Street Preachers and Texas (I could not think what record was, at time), and our team was only third.

Went to Veterans' Social evening (Nov 30th). Our team which included Reg and Caroline Checkley and Albert Prouse, finished third. We were best in the Pop Round, but I was completely caught out by Shirley Bassey's "Never Never Never", which I thought was Vicki Carr's "It Must Be Him". Did not know song title for Roger Whittaker (it was actually "I Don't Believe In If Anymore"). George tried to catch me out a second time, though it did not work, by playing M C Hammer singing (?) "Have You seen Her Her ?", instead of original and ONLY version by Chi Lites.

John Moore returned to action tonight (23rd Oct), to clock 17:44 in Heaton H Handicap (about 3.05M). He finished in third place behind Allen Mulless and Shirley Atkinson.

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Assorted athletics comments:

Not a great fan of Indoor Athletics. Had a good appeal, in 60's, when running 10 laps per Mile etc. (they still do in America). Lost appeal, when all tracks, became a stereotyped 200m.

What clubs did David Beckham (Middle Distance) and Melanie Chisholm (Mel C) (High Jump), compete for in their younger days ?

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Les's Letters:

Not very happy with way North East Track and Field League results, have been included in AW this week (May 10th). Enclosed e mail sent to Bob Frank.

North East track and Field League (May 2nd).
Dear Bob,
I am slightly disappointed that the leading sprint results, have been omitted from AW in the report of the above, this week. I know that they are outside the AW standard, but there was a headwind. Some of the same sprinters were "yards faster" in some of the weekend League events.
I understood AW were committed to printing the winner, whatever the standard (this is certainly the case in many of the area Leagues etc, where some of the winning times are very slow). I myself would only send a track result, if I thought the winning time was reasonable.
I am also wondering what happened to the lay-out of the same results?
Another concern, is that many of the results submitted (mainly in sprints), are in hundredths-of-a-second, when I know there is no photo finish !
Les V.

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