April 2004

Spring Coast 5km Road Race.
Redcar. Wed. 28th Apl.
1 M Scaife (CleS) 15:08; 2 G Massingham (Sun) 15:42; 3 S Potts (Sun) 16:10; 4 A Duffield (Loft, U17) 16:28; 5 M Grainger (Darl, M40) 16:32; 6 D Middlemas (Loft) 16:44; 7 S Shipton (Loft) 16:46; 8 R Stevenson (N Marske, U15) 16:48; 9 S Mussett (Loft, U20) 17:10; 10 J Laws (Sun, M40) 17:15; 11 G Armstrong (Sun, M40) 17:23; 12 R Robinson (Gate) 17:29
Further Veterans: M45: M Thirlaway (Gate) 18:40  M50: J Burn (N Marske) 19:05  M55: D Bell (Redcar) 20:20  M60: L Gordon (Bill MH) 26:10  M65: I Barnes (Darl) 20:04  M70: B Emmerson (Bill MH) 27:20
Women: 1 M Dodd (Bing, W35) 17:59; 2 M Stansmore (Darl) 19:16; 3 C Summersgill (M&C) 19:50; 4 S Gayter (N Marske, W40) 20:46; 5 K Simpson (unatt) 21:43; 6 A Thompson (Loft, W35) 21:55  Further Veterans: W45: A Bentley (M&C) 24:31  W50: S Jemson (N Marske) 23:34
Junior 1.5km.  1 S Readman (N Marske) 5:03
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 3rd May 2004).

Additional Comments: Only results (courtesy of Graham Hall) submitted. Held on new 2 lap course, at Redcar Cricket Club. 88 runners in main event, but only six (all male) in Junior race. Mike Harper was 2nd M65 (22:16).

Northumberland College Wansbeck Riverside 10km.
Ashington.  Wed. 28th Apl.
Morpeth Harrier, Mark Brown was a runaway winner of last night's 24th Northumberland College Wansbeck Riverside Road Race, clocking easily the fastest time, on the current course. Tommy Brannon narrowly defeated North Shields Poly clubmate, Gary Moore for a distant second place, with Morpeth's Richard Stabler, who was Brown's only challenger in the early part of the race, finishing 4th. Angela Hunter of Jarrow and Hebburn, was untroubled in winning the Womens' race, finishing in 26th position overall, with Morpeth teenager Natalie Dawson, taking 2nd place. Former Gateshead Harrier, Kath Kelly, now with Low Fell, finished third.
1 M Brown (Morp) 32:48 (rec); 2 T Brannon (NSP) 35:12; 3 G Moore (NSP) 35:12; 4 R Stabler (Morp) 35:21; 5 J Ross (North'd FR, M40) 35:36; 6 W Smith (Tyne Tri) 36:23; 7 C Henderson (Morp, M40) 36:41; 8 S Robertson (Morp) 37:07; 9 S Gilroy (NSP) 37:17; 10 M Scott (unatt) 37:19
Women: 1 A Hunter (J&H) 41:11; 2 N Dawson (Morp, U17) 45:33; 3 K Kelly (Low F) 48:29
(Newcastle Journal: Thurs. 29th September 2004).

Additional Comments: Surprisingly all info used, but in "Sports Shorts". Apologies for non-inclusion of team result, Morpeth (20pts) won from North Shields Poly. Weather overcast and cool wind. Had only stopped raining (on and off all day) for 1hour. 67 finishers. Announced as course record, but have no idea of old figures or who set them ? Went round parts of course (with Ernie Slaughter, Jim Alder, Claire Smallwood and Jimmy Hedley). Claire had been suffering with blisters since Blyth. Stabler (who competes in the forthcoming World Triathlon Championships) was 15 secs adrift after 2M, having dropped very little after 1M. He must have suffered later. Moore was 4th behind Brannon at this point,  was in second approaching finish, but seemed to allow Brannon to pass him on line. Only saw 4 Women complete (4th was well over 50mins). Running the second race in his comeback campaign was Mike Bateman (37th in 44:29). Ray Laverick clocked 49:14 (almost certainly 1st M70) and Alan Oliver (his first race for ages) 55:30 (sorry forgot to note positions). As veterans only listed as M40, unsure of who was first in other categories. Only first ten (men) and first three (women) listed on night. There was also a 10mins interruption before presentation, due to fire alarm going off.
Heaton fielded three runners: 32 Howard Gold 42:46; 43 Allen Mullis 45:02; 45 John Josephs 45:53.

Weekly Round-up
(to 25th Apl).
Gateshead Harriers won their first Mens' fixture of the National Junior League, at Wakefield (25th Apl). Leading placings were 200: B: 1 L Robson 22.7  800: 3 M Armstrong 1:59.5  B: 2 M Elliott 1:59.2  1500: 4 R Stephenson 4:07.1  3000: 1 R Stephenson 8:57.0  400H: 1 K Flannery 55.2  2000St: 2 K Flannery 6:20.9  B: 1 S Hall 6:26.6  HJ: 1 J Stacey 1.95  PV: 3 K Flannery 3.50  LJ; 3 L Robson 6.38  TJ: 3 J Stacey 13.54  SP: 2 C Sturrock 13.22  B: 1 A Sturrock 12.69  DT: 3 C Sturrock 42:07  4 x 400: 2 Gateshead 3:23.9.
 Not sure but this was probably pb by Ryan Stephenson in 3000m. Sean Hall ran a superb Steeplechase, especially as he is still U17. Team may be weakened, as now maximum of 4 incomers from other clubs, are allowed in each match.
The Womens' team could only finish 7th behind Trafford. Leading performers were: 100H: 2 E Morris 14.9  HJ: 2 E Morris 1.65 (nb J Ennis won for Trafford in both cases)  SP: 3 Leanne Tucker 10.20  DT: 1 L Tucker 37.20  B: 1 A Maddison 34.31
Middlesbrough were 8th in Mens' contest. Best performances were: 1500: 2 P Stockton 4:04.2  DT: 2 G Hill 44.56
In the "Tyne" fixture at Carlisle, Border won Mens' match, with Houghton and Peterlee, 4th. Border were 2nd in Womens' contest, with Houghton and Peterlee, again 4th. Kelly Rodmell was 2nd in Long Jump (5.08m) and won Hammer (32.72m).
Martin Scaife won the Myerscough College (not named after Carl surely?) Croxteth Park 10km Road Race, held, presumably in Liverpool (25th Apl), in a time of 30mins 51secs (by 62secs).
The English Championship 3 Peaks Fell Race, was held at Harton-in-Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire (25th Apl). Charles Stead finished 10th (3:13:40), behind Bingley's Martin Peace (2:55:46). Alison Raw was 3rd W40 (4:23:16).
At the first NYSD fixture at Darlington (20th Apl), Steve Hepples won the 3000m (8:17.0) and Bernadette Taylor took the Womens' 3000m in 10:11.5.

Gateshead Open Medals Meeting.
Monkton Stadium, Jarrow.  Sun. 25th Apl.
There was some good competition at the annual Gateshead Harriers early season Medal meeting, at a warm, sunny but breezy, Monkton Stadium. Elswick's Ryan McLeod opened his summer season, with a comfortable victory in the 1500m. Kirsty Thomas of Gateshead, was again the fastest Women sprinter on view, winning the Under 17 100m and 200m. Durham's Samantha Coleby, gained a useful double in the Under 15 age-group, winning the 75m Hurdles and Long Jump.
Senior Men:  100: P Vickers (M'bro) 11.2  200: P Vickers 23.7  1500: 1 R McLeod (Els) 3:57.5; 2 P Hutton (Gosf) 4:00.2; 3 A Teate (M'bro) 4:05.6  PV: I Dodsworth (H&P) 4.30
Under 17 Men:  100: S Henderson (M'bro) 11.6  200: S Henderson 22.5  100H: I Murray (Gate) 15.2  1500: 1 J Young (Morp) 4:17.0; 2 R Stevenson (N Marske) 4:18.7  HJ: 1 S Stanislaws (Shil) 1.75; 2 G Docherty (Gate) 1.70; 3 D Blackett (Gate) 1.65  LJ: 1 P Allen (H&P) 5.87; 2 D Blackett 5.75; 3 A Dalby (Gate) 5.61  SP: A Dalby 8.69  JT: 1 D Barrett (Gate) 39.29; 2 S Stanislaws 34.02
Under 15 Boys: 100: 1 M Mullins (NSP) 12.5; 2 P Thomas (J&H) 12.5  200: 1 M Mullins 24.5; 2 P Thomas 25.0  800: 1 S Haque (J&H) 2:14.6; 2 T Perrins (Gate) 2:19.2; 3 M Cochrane (Morp) 2:19.7  80H: D Hubbard (Gate) 12.7  HJ: R Kaufman (Gate) 1.35  PV: G Howard (Gate) 2.30 LJ: 1 D Hubbard 5.58; 2 I Purkiss (Gate) 5.00; 3 C Tomlinson (M'bro) 4.60  SP: 1 D Hubbard 11.73; 2 P Brown (Black B) 11.50  JT: I Purkiss 31.04
Under 13 Boys: 100: J Cowie (Gate) 13.5  800: 1 G Ritchie (J&H) 2:26.5; 2 M Ross (H&P) 2:30.4  PV: T Parkin (Gate) 2.30  LJ: J Dowson (Gate) 4.41  SP: L Mellenthin (H&P) 6.44
Senior Women:  100: 1 L Aiston (Bord) 12.7; 2 V Carmichael (Gate) 12.8  200: 1 V Carmichael 25.7; 2 L Aiston 25.9; 3 N Youden (Gate) 26.4  1500: L Jackson (R&Z) 4:47.8  PV: S Harrison (Rugby) 2.80
Under 17 Women:  100: 1 K Thomas (Gate) 12.6; 2 J Graham (NSP) 12.9; 3 L Cowell (Sun) 13.1  B: L Arthur (Gate) 12.7  200: 1 K Thomas 25.5; 2 L McMichael (CleS) 25.8; 3 J Graham 26.1  1500: 1 D James (Morp) 4:51.3; 2 M Ferrier (Gate) 5:02.5  '80H: 1 A Dopierala (Gate) 12.8; 2 L McMichael 12.9; 3 E Payne (M'bro) 13.0  LJ: 1 L Smales (Blay) 4.72; 2 R Willi (Gate) 4.47; 3 L McMichael 4.28  SP: 1 K Wilson (Birt) 9.94; 2 H Conroy (M'bro) 9.73  JT: 1 H Conroy 32.13; 2 K Wilson 23.35
Under 15 Girls:  100: S Broadway (R&Z) 13.5  C: N Pearson (H&P) 13.5  200: G Rutherford (NSP) 27.6  B: S Broadway 27.4  800: 1 G Rutherford 2:24.9; 2 R Shield (Dur) 2:25.7  75H: L Dewdney (Gate) 12.4  B: S Coleby (Dur) 12.2  HJ: 1 J Todd (Gate) 1.47; 2 T Kennedy (Darl) 1.45  PV: S Scott (Gate) 2.40  LJ: 1 S Coleby 4.46; 2 N Pearson 4.34; 3 T Kennedy 4.24  SP: 1 S Hopkinson (Birt) 9.05; 2 A Robinson (Gate) 8.29; 3 A Fleming (N Ayc) 8.04  JT: S Hopkinson 13.39
Under 13 Girls.  100: C Gill (Gate) 14.4  B: L Spoors (Hart) 14.1  800: 1 V Addison (J&H) 2:37.2; 2 D Pickavance-Clarke (Black B) 2:37.9; 3 S Bell (Gate) 2:38.6  70H: 1 N Evans (Dur) 12.9; 2 M Smith (Gate) 13.3; 3 J Hanson (Black B) 13.5  LJ: 1 C Gill 4.21; 2 J Hanson 3.80; 3 S Gordon (J&H) 3.69  SP: 1 T Breen (Black B) 7.83; 2 K Burt (Gate) 7.76; 3 J Wilson (Birt) 7.48
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 26th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Most of info used, but in small print. Thanks to Vera, Sid and Mrs Betts for results. Good turn-out in Under 15 Girls age-group, but would have liked to have seen Coleby and Dewdney in same heat of Hurdles. National Junior League match, would have affected U17/U20 turn-out. Good field of 17 in Senior 1500m, though I think one Senior lady, should have ran with U17 Women. Juniors Martin Wilson (4:09.0) and Nathan Shrubb (4:12.5), were 5th and 6th. Steph Crowell won B 800m, but time was just outside 2:32. Have listed my version of U17W 200m result, as original was definitely wrong. Meeting was over in 2.5 hrs. Chris White was on microphone.

Blyth Valley 10M Road Race.
Cramlington to Blyth.  Sun. 25th Apl.
English Schools' Cross Country champion, Kirk Wilson, was a comfortable winner of yesterday's Blyth Valley 10M Road Race. In the warm but breezy conditions, the Morpeth teenager pulled away from his main rival, Michael Thompson of Gateshead, with less than 3M remaining. Malcolm Grainger of Darlington, was the leading veteran in third place, taking the incorporated Veterans A.A - North East title. Claire Smallwood of Jarrow and Hebburn, returned to winning form, leading the women home in 28th position. Michelle Hood of Sunderland took second place, ahead of Alyson Dixon of Chester Le Street, who like Thompson, had ran at Sutton Coldfield, less than 24hours earlier. Elswick's Susanne Morton, led home the veterans in 4th place.
1 K Wilson (Morp, U20) 52:54; 2 M Thompson (Gate) 53:16; 3 M Grainger (Darl, M40) 53:42; 4 I Twaddle (NSP) 53:54; 5 L Atkinson (Morp, M45) 53:59; 6 R Walker (NSP) 54:47; 7 Jim Bell (Els, M55) 54:59; 8 N Armsworth (Morp) 55:33; 9 M Jones (SSh, M40) 56:00; 10 I Scott (Quak, M50) 56:52; 11 S Kelly (Walls) 56:56; 12 G Campbell (Aln) 57:31; 13 G Bayne (Morp, M45) 57:49; 14 P Hilton (Walls) 58:01; 15 N Morris (Low F, M40) 58:08; 16 A Lawrence (Morp, U20) 58:11; 17 C Henderson (Morp, M40) 58:19; 18 M Stott (Blyth) 58:26; 19 G Driscoll (Morp, U20) 58:41; 20 D Anderson (Walls, M45) 58:43
Further Veterans: M55: 2 H Matthews (Els) 59:24  M60: T O'Gara (Walls) 64:01  M65: R Moore (Tyne) 72:22  Teams (unofficial): 1 Morpeth 14; 2 North Shields Poly 34; 3 Wallsend 45
Women: 1 C Smallwood (J&H) 59:50; 2 M Holt (Sun) 61:03; 3 A Dixon (CleS) 62:08; 4S Morton (Els, W35) 65:26; 5 T Gorman (unatt) 66:26; 6 A Hunter (J&H) 67:27; 7 L Walker (Walls) 68:43; 8 J Smith (Heat) 68:58; 9 H Lambert (NSP, W45) 69:43; 10 K Davison (Els, W40) 70:55; 11 H Morris (Blyth, W40) 71:23; 12 C Young (Blyth, W45) 72:20  Further Veterans: W50: P Leslie (Heat) 74:51  W60: 1 C Lee (Gosf) 73:58; 2 K Stewart (NSP) 79:56  Team (unofficial): Heaton 43
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 26th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Most of report used, though in small print. Information wrong re Thompson (see below). Thanks to Blyth club, for quick set of results. Times quite fast considering heat, but would have been cooler on coast road(s). Six runners shared lead at 1M (5:13). They were Wilson, Thompson, Armsworth, Grainger, Walker and Twaddle. John Moore passed through in 5:33 (he was first Heaton counter, but in 38th position with 61:24). 305 finshers, with Ted Joynson a distant last in 2:35:41 (time taken by Dave Kitching, as I had to leave before his arrival). Ted passed through 4M in 70mins (final time seems fast if this is the case). I can only suppose he ran for M80 medal (but did he achieve the standard ?). Had not realised that Claire had won this event in 2003. Other personalities competing included 158 Anita Nott 73:10 (14L); 182 Dave Whitmore 75:23 (3rd M65); 241 Joy Bell 82:33 (3rd W60) and 300 David Tait 1:39:27. Heaton had a large turn-out: other performances were
96 Howard Gold 67:38 (2nd M60); 106 Jo Smith; 108 Jeff Wilson 69:10; 113 Ted Baty 69:32; 117 Vaughan Lewis 69:48; 143 John Marshall 72:04; 152 Scott McEntee 72:25; 156 Colin McEntee 73:05; 159 John Josephs 73:14 (3rd M60); 164 Chris Auld 73:32; 168 Allen Mulliss 74:06; 176 Pauline Leslie (18L); 183 Shirley Atkinson 75:27 (19L); 218 Tom Mole 79:41; 270 Jenny Hutchinson 87:01 (45L); 301 Harry Craven 1:40:31 (not sure if 1st M70 as M65 was oldest age-group listed in results, W55 with Women); 304 George Routledge 1:49:53
Team results are unofficial . Not listed on website results, but Heaton were first ladies team with, I think 45pts. Congratulations to them.

National Road Relay Championships.
Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield.  Sat. 24th Apl.
Morpeth Harriers had to settle for sixth place, in Saturday's National Mens' 12 Stage Road Relay Championship, at a hot and sunny Sutton Park. Aldershot, Farnham and District, were runaway winners of the event, taking the title for the first time in 22years. Sadly their winning time was over 7mins slower than what they clocked in 1982. One ray of hope on the horizon for British Mens' distance running however, is that Chris Davies took 10secs off Rob Denmark's 12-year-old course record for the short stage, clocking 13mins 23secs, when lifting his club from 26th to 11th on leg 4. Belgrave, champions in 2002 and 2003, had to settle for second place, and without the services of some leading runners, had clawed their way through the field from 30th position on leg 1. Fielding a very weakened team, Morpeth ran their strongest runners on the opening legs. After Ivan Hollingsworth's 4th placing on leg 1, Nick McCormick took the Northumberland squad into a 61secs lead on the second stage, his time only being bettered by Davies. Morpeth dropped to second on leg 3, holding that position until the start of leg 6. Their most couragous leg was ran on stage 11, by Terry Wall, who was competing only 6 days after finishing in a distressed state in the London Marathon. Sunderland, who were also hit by late withdrawals, finished in 32nd position. Unfortunately, British Veterans' Cross Country champion, Brian Rushworth, running on leg 4, suffered a recurrence of a calf injury, and was forced to limp home, in the latter stages. Gateshead also performed with credit finishing in 38th position. Their highest position was seventh, after Alan Buckley's opening leg. Chester Le Street could not match last year's bronze medal performance, in the Womens' 6 Stage event. They finished 5th behind a strong Coventry Godiva squad. After a slow start, the Durham club, moved their way gradually through the field to 11th, before Morag McDonnell's final leg. Her time was 4th fastest behind Commonwealth 1500m bronze medallist, Helen Clitheroe of Preston.
Before the start of the main event, a minute's silence was obseved in memory of rising British middle distance star, Sam Haughian, who was killed in a motor accident in South Africa, on Friday. Training partner, Chris Thompson who had returned home early for the event, clocked the fastest long stage on leg 11, for the winning team.
Results .
Senior Men: 12 Stage.
1 Aldershot, Farnham & District 4:10:15; 2 Belgrave 4:11:47; 3 Salford 4:13:09; 4 Bedford & County 4:18:44; 5 Cardiff 4:21:00; 6 Morpeth 4:21:04 (I Hollingsworth 26:39, N McCormick 13:53, M Morris 28:08, A Toward 14:36, S Platts 27:34, R Kay 15:30, C Sampson 28:23, M Brown 15:22, D Swinburne 28:08, D Samuels 15:52, T Wall 30:35, A Swinburne 16:24) Other Placings: 32 Sunderland 4:42:45 (S Potts 28:44, P Martin 14:49, T Field 28:41, B Rushworth 19:21, B Bewick 30:44, T Doughty 15:38, J Dobson 32:20, S Coxon 16:16, G Harden 31:26, A Lilliendale 17:01, P Gibson 32:05, N Younger 15:40); 38 Gateshead 4:48:02 (A Buckley 26:56, E James 17:00, M Elliott 31:11, C Paton 18:07, G Wade 31:47, S Parr 16:17, C Parr 28:32, P Lishman 18:53, P Branston 30:38, M Thompson 18:20, R Robinson 31:46, G Smith 18:35)
Fastest: Short Stage (3M 100yds): C Davies (Telf) 13:23 (rec); N McCormick 13:53; J Mays (Kent) 14:09
Long Stage (5M 600yds): C Thompson (AF&D) 25:27; K Cullen (Highgate) 25:47; M Miles (Belg) 25:48
Senior Women: 6 Stage.
1 Coventry Godiva 1:42:46; 2 Tipton 1:43:13; 3 Shaftesbury Barnet 1:45:51; 4 Liverpool H 1:46:25; 5 Chester Le Street 1:46:59 (D Elliott 19:58, K Waugh 17:31, S Robson 17:30, M Czarnecka 18:18, A Dixon 17:18, M McDonnell 16:24); 6 Sale, Manchester 1:47:31  Other Placing: 20 Gateshead 1:57:52 (K Hind 17:38, P McCrea 18:34, S Youden 21:21, S Heatley 18:39, F Burnie 20:56, V Bennett 20:44)
Fastest Times (3M 100yds): H Clitheroe (Pres) 15:41; T Brown (Cov G) 16:04; H Lawrence (Wirr) 16:22; M McDonnell 16:24
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 26th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Most of report used though in small print. Apologies to Gateshead and Michael Thompson. I wrote initials MT for  their counters, and without thinking wrote his name down instead of Malcolm Thirlaway. It was only when seeing the time of 18:20, that things looked amiss. Was surprised to see that North Shields Poly, who had qualified for this, had not even entered. A good event, but not the overall standard of past years, and disappointing that some big-name clubs did not turn up, or fielded incomplete teams. As it got warmer, later long leg runners, would have struggled with heat. Will not comment on strength of Morpeth team, but it was a topic of conversation all afternoon. A good run by Andrew Swinburne, who was switched with Wall, late on. He actually gained on Bedford runner. Olivia Walwyn, who travelled down by train on morning, was only City of Norwich runner clocking 17:33 in 18th position on leg 1, just ahead of Karen Hind. Chester Le Street opening leg positions were 39th, 27th, 17th and 13th. Barry Stephenson clocked 27:28 finishing 17th on leg 1, for an incomplete Blackheath team. 52 Male and 41 Female teams completed.

Weekly Round-up
(to 18th Apl).
Congratulations to Kenyans, Evans Rotto (2:06:18) and Margaret Okayo (2:22:35) for their victories in the wet conditions, at the Flora London Marathon (18th Apl). Heroine of the day though, was Tracey Morris, who was first Briton (10th lady and 3rd veteran) in a personal best (by over an hour) time of 2hrs 33mins 52secs. After bettering the qualifying standard, Tracey also gained Olympic selection. The leading veteran was Russian Ludmila Petrova, who was actually second overall (2:26:02). Sadly, there were no North East ladies in the first 100 finishers. In the mens' race, Jon Brown (not a fan) was leading Briton in 15th place (2:13:39). Other placings in first 100,  included 19 Huw Lobb 2:15:49 (4th Briton); 20 Mark Hudspith 2:16:15 (5th Briton); 33 Dominic Bannister 2:19:10; 75 Terry Wall 2:30:19; 78 Ian Crampton 2:30:54 (4th M40); 80 Jon Orange 2:31:05 (5th M40). Ian Hudspith and Neil Wilkinson, both dropped out after halfway. Other notable placings included: 159 Gordon Dixon 2:37:11; 161 Phil Walker 2:38:06 (his debut over the distance); 182 Mark Armstrong 2:39:33; 738 Lenny Christopher 2:55:34 (7th M55); 1471 Mike Brooks 3:04:22; 4064 Ben Groves 3:27:22 (revised from 3:29:01). Heaton performances were: 1444 Gary Campbell 3:04:42; 4197 Ruth Sills 3:28:50 (389th lady); 4763 Chris Auld 3:31:09; 10706 Denis Young 4:02:52; 26767 Harry Craven 5:19:00; 30448 George Routledge 6:11:56 (walked most of way, and could hardly walk 2 days later !). I understand Anthony ? (Bob Hope from "Emmerdale") was first TV personality in 3hrs 7mins. There were 31679 finishers.
In the Adidas Mini Marathon (Counties section), Adam Hickey was fastest (12:47). For Durham, in the 15/16 event, Andrew Coffer was 8th (13:28), Simon Watson (10th) (13:31), 32 Sean Hall 13:49; and 37 Martin Wilson 13:55. Warren Roberts was 12th in the 13/14 age-group (14:19), and Mark Docherty 28th (14:49).  Greg Ritchie was 27th in 11/12 event (16:11) and Julia Orr (injured at present, I understand) was 34th in the Girls (15/16) (16:31), with Vicky Angus 43rd (16:51).  Fastest girl was Non Stanford (14:34). In the 13/14 category, Steph Crowell was 37th (17:02); and Lyndsey Dodsworth (wondered why she did not compete at Shildon ?) 45th (17:22) (also 49 Charlotte Reay 17:32 and 56 Samantha Coleby 17:56). In the Under 11/12 Girls' event, Kate Avery was 8th (16:31), Hannah Nagel 20th (17:12) and Zoe Dixon 28th (17:28). According to English Schools T&F programme, Durham were not on list of invited Counties, which is why I was surprised they were there. Northumberland were not there, but will almost certainly be in attendance in 2005, after this year's XC Champs.
Mike Trees won the M40 10km at the World Masters Non Stadia Championships, at Manukau City, Auckland (18th Apl). He clocked 30mins 34secs, with Steve Murdoch finishing in 8th place (34:55). Jim Caddy was 3rd M75 (57:14).
At the English Junior Fell Running Championships, at Meltham nr Huddersfield (18th Apl), Karrie Hawitt won the Under 18 event in 32:06, with Sarah Tunstall 2nd in 33:43.
Most of info from AW (who have just introduced much tougher Road racing results standards), but some lesser London performances from official website (info on site by am Monday).

Anne Marie Readshaw Memorial Open Track and Field Meeting.
Stadium 2000 Arena, Shildon.  Sun. 18th Apl.
The early damp weather affected both performances and the turn-out, at yesterday's 4th annual Anne Marie Readshaw Open Meeting, at Shildon. Middlesbrough-based Rabah Mohammed Yusuf, the current North Eastern Counties' Indoor High Jump champion, showed his undoubted versatility with impressive victories in the Senior 200m and 400m. Middlesbrough's Yusuf Aliu, the current A.A.A Indoor 60m champion, gained a sprint double in the Under 15 age-group. Andrew Teate of Middlesbrough, comfortably won a good quality Senior 800m. Johanna Jackson of Middlesbrough and Cleveland, showed her excellent Cross Country has not been lost on the track, setting a personal best in the Senior Womens' 3000m. Gateshead's Nicola Youden gained an impressive double, winning the Senior Womens' 200m and 400m.
Senior Men:  100: J Baines (M'bro) 11.6  200: R M Yusuf (unatt) 22.2  400: R M Yusuf 48.9  800: 1 A Teate (M'bro) 1:56.5; 2 R Cole (M'bro) 1:58.3; 3 J Nott (Crook) 1:58.8  3000: P Stockton (M&C, U20) 9:11.4  SP: A Sturrock (Gate, U20) 10.55
Under 17 Men:  100: 1 B Wilson (M'bro) 11.5; 2 A Todd (Shil) 11.8  200: B Wilson 23.6  B: A Todd 24.2  400: A Stanton (SSh) 53.9  800: 1 R Stevenson (N Marske) 2:06.1; 2 A Spoor (Sun) 2:06.9  3000: M Crawley (Dur) 9:40.1  LJ: P Allen (H&P) 5.80  SP: S Stanislavs (Shil) 11.61
Under 15 Boys:  100: Y Aliu (M'bro) 11.7  200: Y Aliu 23.6  400: 1 M Donnelly (Els) 59.1  800: 1 K Thompson (Shil) 2:12.9; 2 M Donnelly 2:17.3  LJ: J Corrigan (M'bro) 5.52  SP: P Brown (Black B) 11.25
Under 13 Boys:  100: P Jefferson (Darl) 14.3  200: 1 A Little (N Ayc) 29.5; 2 P Jefferson 29.5  800: M Ross (H&P) 2:36.0  3000: R Hopkins (Birt) 11:29.6  LJ: J Roberts (Shil) 3.75  SP: J Smales (Blay) 6.82
Under 11 Boys: 60: J Burns (J&H) 9.1  600: 1 P Clifford (Darl) 1:54.8; 2 S Thornton (Shil) 1:55.2  LJ: J Ridley (Birt) 3.82
Senior Women:  100: H Wilson (Hart) 13.5  200: 1 L Youden (Gate) 26.6; 2 G Donnelly (Els, U20) 27.5  400: 1 L Youden 58.8; 2 G Donnelly 61.4; 3 S Youden (Gate) 61.8  800: N Owens (Shil, U20) 2:25.8  3000: J Jackson (M&C) 10:32.4
Under 17 Women:  100: F Winspear (M'bro) 13.1  200: 1 K Kelsall (Gate) 26.7; 2 F Winspear 27.3  800: A Wilson (N Ayc) 2:29.9  LJ: K Kelsall 4.85
Under 15 Girls: 100: N Pearson (H&P) 13.4  B: A Penn (Gate) 13.7  200: 1 N Pearson 28.3; 2 A Penn 28.3  800: R Shield (Dur) 2:28.0  LJ: 1 N Pearson 4.54; 2 T Kennedy (Darl) 4.31  SP: S Hopkinson (Birt) 9.40
Under 13 Girls: 100: 1 C Gill (Gate) 14.3  200: 1 C Gill 30.4; 2 V Addison (J&H) 31.3  800: V Addison 2:38.7  LJ: 1 C Gill 3.92; 2 J Hansom (Black B) 3.91  SP: T Breen (Black B) 7.49
Under 11 Girls:  60: A Watt (CleS) 9.4  600: A Watt 2:13.9  LJ: A Watt 3.60
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 19th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Most of report used, but kept it short, due to what I thought would be extensive London Marathon coverage. Apologies to P Brown, K Kelsall, A Watt (don't know first names), Nichola Pearson and Chloe Gill, who deserved mentiions. Weather wet early on, but faired up with some sunshine later. Little wind. Got quite warm also. Meeting finished just after 3.00pm, but entries were well down. Few events with more than one heat. Thought perhaps, there could have been a break (there was time) between 800m and 400m. Michael Donnelly jnr suffered, as he ran 400m, about 15mins after 800m. Steve Hepples ran in 3000m, but dropped out after having a 100m lead at 1km (2:42.4). Helen Patton was 4th in 400m (63.5). Emma Spoor won C U15 800m in 2:33.6.

Gateshead Open Standards Meeting.
International Stadium.  Thurs. 15th Apl.
Senior Men:  150: 1 N Wiscombe (J&H) 17.0; 2 A Chapple (Gate) 17.1; 3 S Haley (Gate) 17.2  DT; 1 J Wild (R&Z, M50) 38.83; 2 A Rutland (Gate) 36.52  HT: 1 A Smith (M'bro) 44.76; 2 D Maggs (Gate) 36.84; 3 S Towers (J&H, M45) 36.33
Under 20 Men:  DT: 1 C Sturrock (Gate) 44.42; 2 A Sturrock (Gate) 31.01  HT: C Outhwaite (R&Z) 31.55  JT: A Sturrock 38.28
Under 17 Men:  150: 1 M Evans (Gate) 18.3; 2 J Sinclair (Tyne) 18.6
Under 15 Boys: 150: M Mullins (NSP) 18.5; 2 D Hubbard (Gate) 18.7  600: N Flannery (Gate) 1:46.2  DT: 1 P Brown (Black B) 32.03; 2 J Skelton (Blay) 31.73  JT: R Kaufman (Gate) 17.61
Under 13 Boys:  150: 1 J Cowie (Gate) 20.4; 2 J Dawson (Gate) 21.6  JT: T Parkin (Gate) 22.30
Senior Women:  DT: 1 C Moore-Griss (Bord) 46.84; 2 N Terry (Gate) 22.33  HT: 1 L-M Shippen (Gate) 43.12; 2 E Foster (Gate) 33.20
Under 20 Women:  150: 1 C Jones (Gate) 20.0; 2 S Evans (Gate) 21.1  DT: 1 Leanne Tucker (Blay) 34.31
Under 17 Women:  150: 1 J Graham (NSP) 19.0; 2 L McMichael (CleS) 19.8  600: 1 S Duffy (Gate) 1:45.8; 2 M Ferrier (Gate) 1:47.2; 3 K Pearson (Gate) 1:49.2  DT: 1 K Wilson (Birt) 28.59; 2 K Hutton (Blay) 27.01; 3 S Dodd (Els) 25.97  HT: K Wilson  25.08   JT: L Hunter (SSh) 31.57
Under 15 Girls:  150: 1 N Pearson (H&P) 20.3; 2 L Welsh (Gate) 20.7  B: L Dewdney (Gate) 20.7  C: A Penn (Gate) 20.8   600: G Rutherford (NSP) 1:45.4  DT: 1 S Hopkinson (Birt) 19.35; 2 F Pooley (Blay) 18.85  JT: A Ramsey (SSh) 18.94
Under 13 Girls:  150: 1 C Gill (Gate) 21.4; 2 H Robertson (NSP) 22.0  600: 1 A Bell (Gate) 1:51.0; 2 V Addison (J&H) 1:52.4
Overall Series Winners:  Senior Men: W Gedge (Morp) 40. Under 20 Men: A Sturrock 32.   Under 17 Men: A Stanton (SSh) 30. Under 15 Boys: D Hubbard 90.  Under 13 Boys: T Parkin 103
Senior Women: N Terry 23. Under 20 Women: K Rodmell (Bord) 70. Under 17 Women: Steph Lamb (SSh) 96. Under 15 Girls: A Ramsey 92. Under 13 Girls: C Gill 69
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 19th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Only results sent. Weather fine, quite mild, but overcast. Littel wind. Poor turn-out in 600m, with only two races. There were actually 4 U17 girls taking part (Lyndsay Dodsworth was 4th in 1:54approx). Good performances in throws from Claire Moore-Griss and Lisa-Marie Shippen. Also Andrew Smith and Craig Sturrock.

Innogy Cogen Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers Easter Egg 5km Road Race.
Seaton Carew.  Mon. 12th Apl.
Mark Armstrong of the host club, was a comfortable winner of yesterday's inaugural Innogen Cogan-sponsored Hartlepool Easter Egg 5km, on the promenade at Seaton Carew. In the ideal conditions, Armstrong, who competes in Sunday's Flora London Marathon, pulled away from his main opposition, in the final mile. Veterans Martin Grainger of Darlington and Ian Cook of Hartlepool, occupied the minor places. Michelle Holt of Sunderland, who two days earlier clocked a personal best 3000m on the track, was the first woman, finishing in a magnificent 12th position, overall. Holt held off the strong challenge of Middlesbrough's Johanna Jackson coming home with 10secs to spare, while Louise Trainor of Durham, took third place.
1 M Armstrong (Hart) 15:57; 2 M Grainger (Darl, M40) 16:04; 3 I Cook (Hart, M40) 16:13; 4 A Churchill (Hart) 16:26; 5 G Grounds (Hart) 16:46; 6 K Patterson (Loft) 16:52; 7 G Harden (Sun, M40) 17:12; 8 P Milburn (N Ayc, M40) 17:23; 9 C Jefferies (Bill MH) 17:30; 10 P Frodsham (W Chesh, M40) 17:34  Further Veterans: M50: M Frostick (Hart) 18:58  M60: R Wilson (Sun) 19:11  M65: I Barnes (Darl) 19:28  M70: E Appleby (Heat) 21:43
Women: 1 M Holt (Sun) 18:14; 2 J Jackson (M&C, U20) 18:24; 3 L Trainor (Dur) 19:05; 4 K Matthew (unatt) 19:20; 5 D Elliott (CleS, W40) 19:51; 6 S Gayter (N Marske, W35) 20:13; 7 S Milburn (N Ayc, W45) 20:45; 8 V Booth (Sun) 22:04; 9 F Beedle (Hart, U20) 22:09; 10 L Watson (Sun, W35) 22:19
(Newcastle Journal: Tues. 13th April 2004).

Additional Comments: All info used. Weather overcast, cool but little wind. Results courtesy of Peter Johnson and sons. 69 finishers. Last time (runner got prize for this honour) was 30:40. A fast flat course, but shame that no really fast male runners took part. Reasonable quality in Womens' race. Worth pursuing this excellent course/venue in the future. Not sure if it will take over as Easter Monday fixture, as the club are exploring a 10km course centred on the Hartlepool Marina. Dan Brooks finished 25th in 19:40. Eric A was 37th. Stuart Edwards was 44th in 22:23 and Dave Whitmore 50th (23:40). As categories were in 10-year bands, not sure of exact M65 standing. Terry Jackson (M50) was 44th (22:46).
Finally found (from Pete Mulholland) age of  Sharon Gayter. She was 40 in October 2003. The second M70 Barrie Emmerson of Billingham (63rd in 26:28) also got prize.

Weekly Round-up
(to 11th Apl).
Martin Grainger was second (first veteran) (33:44) behind Ed Simpson (Preston) (32:16) in the 3 Bridges 10km at Preston (11th Apl). Ian Scott was first M50 (35:34). Louise Gardner (Lancaster) won womens' race (36:42) from the ever-racing Sarah Tunstall (41:39).
The North East Pole Vault academy, held their Indoor Championships, at Jarrow (10th Apl). Listed winners were Ian Dodsworth (SM) (4.30m), T Parkin (Gate) (U13) (2.40m) (rec) and S Scott (Gate) (U15G) (2.80m) (rec).
Simon Booth (Barrow) won the Keswick Round-the-Houses race (5.3M) on 7th Apl (27:18) from Mike Scott (listed as Border) (27:28). Rebecca Robinson won Womens' race (31:55) from Sarah Tunstall (33:28).
All info courtesy of AW, where NIck McCormick is listed as Woodford Green, for his 14:33 5km at Gateshead. Elswick results have been edited..

Middlesbrough AC Open Track and Field Meeting.
Clairville Stadium.  Sat. 10th Apl.
The new Track and Field season, got off to a low-key start, at Saturday's revived Middlebrough-Mandale Open Meeting, at Clairville Stadium. Conditions were cold, but the wind was slightly in favour of the sprinters. Not surprisingly it was in these events, that the best performances, came. Gateshead's Kirsty Thomas, the North Eastern Counties' Indoor 60m champion, clocked personal best times when winning the Under 17 100m and 200m. Adam Allison of the host club gained a sprint double in the Under 15 Boys' age-group and Scott Henderson, also of  Middlesbrough, won the Under 17 100m and 200m. He was denied a third victory in the 400m Hurdles, as he accidently by-passed the penultimate flight. Clubmate, Marise Barclay, still a junior, won the Senior Womens' 100m and 200m. Lauren Dewdney of Gateshead, the current Northumberland Schools' champion, won the Under 15 75m Hurdles, and also gained victory in the High Jump.  Best performance in the endurance events came from Durham Universiity student, Andrew Teate, who clocked a fast (in the conditions) time in the Senior Mens' 800m. His Middlesbrough clubmate, Rob Cole easily won the 1500m and 3000m. Sunderland's Michelle Holt set new personal best figures, when winning the Senior Womens' 3000m. Nisha Desai of Morpeth won the 800m, but 15mins later had to settle for second best time in the 400m, behind Gateshead's Nicola Youden, who also won the B 200m. Jarrow's Steph Crowell, a day after winning the Elswick Road Race, comfortably won the Under 15 800m. Ben Sanderson of Middlesbrough, was an impressive winner of the Under 13 Boys' 100m, 200m and Long Jump. Lauren Spoors of Hartlepool, also gained a sprint double, in the Under 13 Girls' age-group. Another athlete from Middlesbrough, called Chris Tomlinson, gained victory in, quite coincidentally, the Under 15 Boys' Long Jump.
Senior Men:  200: 1 P Vickers (M'bro) 22.9; 2 T Crow (M'bro, U20) 23.2  400: T Patton (Gate, U20) 51.7  800: A Teate (M'bro) 1:56.6  1500: R Cole (M'bro) 4:11.9  3000: R Cole 8:50.8  LJ: J Jefferson (M'bro, U20) 6.18  JT: C Smith (M'bro) 39.67
Under 17 Men:  100: 1 S Henderson (M'bro) 11.3; 2 L McElwee (M'bro) 11.5; 3 A Dalby (Gate) 11.7  200: 1 S Henderson 22.9; 2 L McElwee 23.7; 3 A Dalby 23.7  400: T Grant (M'bro) 53.4  1500: A Lagan (M'bro) 4:26.4  JT: J Brown (M'bro) 40.34
Under 15 Boys: 100: A Allison (M'bro) 11.9  200: A Allison 24.1  400: M Donnelly (Els) 56.7  1500: D Robson (Hart) 4:48.3  LJ: C Tomlinson (M'bro) 4.83
Under 13 Boys: 100: B Sanderson (M'bro) 13.6  200: B Sanderson 29.4  800: G Ritchie (J&H) 2:32.2  LJ: B Sanderson 4.30
Under 11 Boys:  60: J Burns (J&H) 9.1
Senior Women: 100: M Barclay (M'bro, U20) 12.6  200: 1 M Barclay 25.9; 2 V Carmichael (Gate) 26.2  B: N Youden (Gate) 26.4  400: 1 N Youden 59.4; 2 G Donnelly (Els, U20) 61.9  B: N Desai (Morp) 61.5  800: N Desai 2:16.5  3000: 1 M Holt (Sun) 10:39.5; 2 C Summersgill (M&C) 10:54.0  400H: C Eyeington (N Marske) 66.9
Under 17 Women:  100: 1 K Thomas (Gate) 12.3; 2 L Cowell (Sun) 12.9  200: 1 K Thomas 25.3; 2 L Cowell 26.5  1500: V Angus (H&P) 5:07.6  80H: A Dopierala (Gate) 12.7  300H: 1 B Staniland (Leeds) 46.5; 2 D Forster (M'bro) 47.7  SP: 1 B Staniland 10.60; 2 K Wilson (Birt) 9.80  JT: 1 B Staniland 31.31; 2 K Wilson 22.54
Under 15 Girls:  100: 1 S Broadway (R&Z) 13.2; 2 A Penn (Gate) 13.5  200: 1 S Broadway 27.6; 2 A Penn 27.8  800: S-K Crowell (J&H) 2:28.9  1500: E Spoor (Sun) 5:22.6  75H: L Dewdney (Gate) 12.6  HJ: L Dewdney 1.48  SP: S Hopkinson (Birt) 8.63
Under 13 Girls:  100: 1 L Spoors (Hart) 13.9; 2 C Gill (Gate) 14.0; 3 H Kilty (M'bro) 14.0  200: 1 L Spoors 29.1; 2 C Gill 29.6; 3 H Kilty 29.9  800: H Burdon (M'bro) 2:42.0  LJ: C Gill 4.07
Under 11 Girls:  60: C O'Connor (M'bro) 9.3
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 12th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Surprisingly all info used. Full results courtesy of Mandale H website. Congratulations as they were on site, by 7.00pm, the same evening (though some performances rounded up, for some reason). Poor entry (especially on Field) and in Senior/Junior events. Meeting over by 3.45pm. Very cold, but luckily it did not rain (though damp in early morning). Could not understand 400m seeding with mixtures of U15B, U17M and SW in two races. Nisha Desai ran seperate heat to other 2 women. She was only 800m runner (with Senior Men). Ketan finished 2nd in 400m (53.0approx) and 800m (2:00.4). Lyndsay Dodsworth (5:19.6) and Chloe Gilmore (5:22.2), finished 3rd and 4th in U17 1500m. Vicky Booth was second in Senior Javelin (20.11m). Last meeting on this track for a while, as it is being relaid. A welcome return to timekeeping , from Ian Threadgill.

Taylor Woodrow Elswick Harriers Good Friday Road Races.
Newburn Riverside Park, Lemington. Fri. 9th Apl.
Morpeth Harriers dominated the Senior Mens' Relay, at yesterday's Taylor Woodrow-sponsored Elswick Harriers Good Friday Road Races, at Lemington. Morpeth won the title for the sixth successive year, taking 68secs off the inaugural course best time, from 2003. For good measure their B Team took second position. Morpeth led throughhout after Neil Wilkinson's opening leg, with David Swinburne, Ivan Hollingsworth and Mark Hudspith maintaining the advantage. However, their lead of 33secs after leg 3, was reduced to 6secs at the finish line, as Ian Hudspith clocked the day's fastest leg for the B Team. His time of 10mins 22scs, also bettered Ryan McLeod's course record by 5secs. North Shields Poly finished in a comfortable third position. Sunderland also led throughout to win the Veterans' Relay. First leg runner, Tom Doughty shared the fastest time with Durham's Rob Hand, who moved his club from 6th to 2nd on the final leg. Both runners bettered the old figures by a single second. Recently-crowned North Eastern Half Marathon champion, Bernadette Taylor of Darlington, easily won the Womens' race, with Morpeth's Aiveen Fox outsprinting Jarrow's Claire Smallwood for 2nd place. Delyth James was the winner of the Under 17 event, taking 3secs off runner-up Sam Crowe's course best. Heather Robinson of Chester Le Street was the leading veteran. Northern Cross Country champion, Lewis Timmins of Gosforth, repeated his 2003 victory in the Under 17 Mens' race. Jonathon Pearson of Elswick (Under 15 Boys), Stacey Smith of Tynedale (Under 15 Girls) and Steph Crowell of Jarrow and Hebburn (Under 13 Girls), won their respective events. St Cuthberts High School retained the Under 13 Boys' Relay title, with first leg runner, Callum Watson, as in 2003, clocking the fastest time.
Senior Men Relay (4 x 2.1M).  1 Morpeth 43:16 (rec) (N Wilkinson 10:32, D Swinburne 11:18, I Hollingsworth 10:37, M Hudspith 10:49); 2 Morpeth B 43:22 (R Kay 11:07, A Toward 10:59, K Wilson 10:54, I Hudspith 10:22); 3 North Shields Poly 45:35 (R Walker 11:14, T West 10:54, R Stephenson 11:15, T Brannon 12:12); 4 Elswick 46:13; 5 Blaydon 47:36; 6 North Shields Poly B 48:48; 7 Morpeth C 48:49; 8 Gateshead 48:56; 9 Low Fell 49:11; 10 Wallsend 49:16   Fastest: I Hudspith 10:22 (rec); N Wilkinson 10:32; I Hollingsworth 10:37; R McLeod (Els, U20) 10:45; M Hudspith 10:49; S Horn (Els) 10:52
Veteran Men Relay (4 x 2.1M).  1 Sunderland 47:03 (T Doughty 11:11, P Collins 11:59, S Coxon 11:46, G Harden 12:07); 2 Durham City 49:17; 3 Wallsend 50:20; 4 Morpeth 51:00; 5 Sunderland B 51:10; 6 North Shields Poly 51:46   Fastest: R Hand (Dur) & T Doughty 11:11 (rec); L Atkinson (Morp) 11:28; I Crampton (Dur) 11:29; S Coxon 11:46
Under 17 Men (2.1M).  1 L Timmins (Gosf) 11:19; 2 J Young (Morp) 11:28; 3 R Floyd (Morp) 11:37; 4 J Creegan (Gate) 11:43; 5 S Hall (Gate) 11:55; 6 B Henderson (Morp) 12:10  Team: Morpeth 11
Under 15 Boys (2.1M).  1 J Pearson (Els) 12:06; 2 J Cook (Gate) 12:21; 3 S Potter (NSP) 12:26; 4 R Balmbra (Morp) 12:30; 5 B Knighton (Gate) 12:38; 6 M Douglas (Gate) 12:38  Team: Gateshead 13
Under 13 Boys Relay (3 x 1.3M).  1 St Cuthberts High School 22:30 (C Watson 7:05, J Day 7:43, S Spence 7:42); 2 Tynedale 23:28; 3 St Cuthberts HS B 24:09; 4 Gosforth 24:24; 5 St Cuthberts HS C 24:57; 6 Gateshead 25:44  Fastest: C Watson 7:05; J Hewitt (Gosf) 7:21; T Venus (Tyne) 7:28; O De-Panta (St Cuth B) & S Spence 7:42
Senior Women (2.1M).  1 B Taylor (Darl) 12:39; 2 A Fox (Morp, U20) 13:07; 3 C Smallwood (J&H) 13:08; 4 S Evans (J&H, U20) 13:26; 5 M Czarnecka (CleS) 13:27; 6 A Onsia (J&H) 13:35; 7 L Ranger (Morp) 13:40; 8 H Robinson (CleS, W40) 13:45; 9 K Robertson (Tyne) 13:54; 10 D Watts (Morp, U20) 13:59  W40: 2 H Patton (Gate) 14:12; 3 L Marr (Tyne) 14:22  W45: C Young (Blyth) 15:33  W60: C Lee (Gosf) 15:38
Under 17 Women (2.1M).  1 D James (Morp) 12:56 (rec); 2 S Crowe (Els) 13:22; 3 M Ferrier (Gate) 13:50; 4 N Dawson (Morp) 14:07; 5 N Powell (Tyne) 14:19; 6 L Oliver (Tyne) 15:09  Teams (Combined): 1 Morpeth 14; 2 Jarrow and Hebburn 18; 3 Chester Le Street 42
Under 15 Girls (1.3M).  1 Stacey Smith (Tyne) 7:35; 2 S Duffy (Gate) 7:45; 3 R Adams (Morp) 7:55; 4 L Dodsworth (Gate) 8:01; 5 L Smith (Gosf) 8:04; 6 L Dixon (Morp) 8:08  Team: Gateshead 13
Under 13 Girls (1.3M.  1 S-K Crowell (J&H) 8:01; 2 Shona Smith (Tyn) 8:08; 3 S Goodfellow (Morp) 8:12; 4 L Patterson (Gosf) 8:16; 5 Z Dixon (Birt) 8:21; 6 E Murray (J&H) 8:27  Team: Gosforth 19
(Newcastle Journal: Sat. 10th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Report well edited, but most of results used. Weather bright, but cool breeze blowing. 20 Senior Mens' teams completed, 19 Veterans. Women: Total 45 including 14 Under 17's, 21 Seniors and 10 Veterans. Results courtesy of Ogle/Robson partnership. Combined Senior/Vets results as is standard results practice. Not sure if numbers (9 teams) warrant Under 13 Boys' Relay. St Cuthberts fielded 5 teams !.Timmins missed his own record by 4secs, but Pearson and Taylor well outside figures of Simon Watson and Dianne Henaghan (also Vets' record holder), respectively. New courses for shorter races. Carl Bell ran in U15 race (8th in 12:52). Ryan McLeod lifted Elswick from 6th to 4th on leg 3. Rob Hand was previous record holder. Other veterans'  leg times included Steve Parr 11:55; Jimmy Bell 12:17; Harry Matthews 12:35; George Smith 14:58; Joe Prudham 15:58; Albert Prouse 16:37 and John Loughran 16:38. Excellent run by Sarah Evans, but Claire not at best. Other Womens' times included 14 Fiona Burnie 14:28; 20 Anita Nott 14:47 (4th vet/W40); 27 Louise Burnie (a welcome comeback) 15:39. Christine Lee (slower than 2003) was 26th. Heaton only turned out 3 competitors. John Moore 12:44 (17), Eric Appleby 15:44 (faster than 2003) (23) and Kelly McEntee 15:12 (22nd lady).

Bydales 10M Road Race.
Marske-by-the-Sea.  Fri. 9th Apl.
Former Quakers athlete, Barry Stephenson, now competing in the Blackheath & Bromley colours, won the Easter Bydales 10M Road Race, at Marske-by-the-Sea. Mark Armstrong of Hartlepool finished nearly 4mins behind in 2nd place.
1 B Stephenson (Blackh'th & B) 52:20; 2 M Armstrong (Hart) 56:19; 3 M Gamble-Thompson (N Marske) 56:32; 4 J McCready (Darl, M40) 56:59; 5 D Middlemas (Loft) 57:33; 6 S Shipton (Loft) 57:59  M50: 1 S Watson (Bill MH) 64:09; 2 M Frostick (Hart) 64:14  M60: R Sherwood (N Marske) 70:54
Women: 1 D Dean (Hors, W45) 68:44; 2 J Atkinson (Quak, W35) 69:50; 3 K Neesan (N Marske) 70:30
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 12th April 2004).

Additional Comments: All info used. Results courtesy of New Marske website. 129 finishers (is this a record ?) (last time was 98:46). Allen Mulliss was 84th (77:43) and Dave Whitmore (not far behind) 92nd in 79:29.

National Police Cross Country Championships.
Senneleys Park, Birmingham.  Wed. 7th Apl.
Border Harrier, Steve Cairns comfortably retained his National Police Cross Country title, at Senneleys Park, Birmingham. Northumbria took the team title, led by third-placed Matthew Tomlinson. They also finished third in the Womens' competition, with Vicky Russell leading their challenge in 14th position. The other counters Susan Morton and Anne Pearson, also gained veterans medals.
Men (8M).  1 S Cairns (Lothian) 43:36; 2 I Wetherall (Chesh) 44:14; 3 M Tomlinson (Northumb) 45:04; 6 N Armsworth (Northumb) 46:09; 15 J Ross (Northumb) 47:27; 23 W Gilroy (Northumb) 48:22; 35 G Armstrong (Northumb) 49:58; 36 D Hall (Northumb) 49:59 (2nd M45); 43 N Smith (Northumb) 50:36  Teams: 1 Northumbria 118; 2 Cheshire 154; 3 Metropolitan 171
Women (4.5M).  1 S Hill (Hants) 27:03; 2 L Knights (Derby) 27:47; 3 J Turnbull (Gloucs) 28:39; 14 V Russell (Northumb) 30:20; 18 S Morton (Northumb) 30:41; 29 A Pearson (Northumb) 32:11  Teams: 1 Metropolitan 21; 2 Derbyshire 49; 3 Northumbria 61
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 12th April 2004).

Additional Comments: All info used. Info courtesy of Scott McEntee (144th in 60:27). Course very hilly (not sure if this is 2005 National venue). Unfortunately forgot to note veteran results, but Anne Pearson won her category (W40). Susanne (sorry about earlier spelling) Morton was 3rd W35. Veterans Male team were also 3rd. Did not realise Vicky was in police force.

Weekly Round-up
(to 4th Apl).
Morpeth Harriers (38:11) and Gateshead Harriers (38:14) finished 9th and 10th in the Under 17 Mens' event, at the National Young Athletes Relays at Sutton Coldfield (4th Apl). The Morpeth line-up was Nathan Shrubb 12:38 (12th), Jonathan Young 12:20 (6th) and Andrew Colwell (13:13). If ross Floyd had competed, they would have been 4th at best. Gateshead splits were Jackson Creegan 12:47 (15th), Adam Carmichael 12:49 (15th) and Sean Hall (12:38). The winning team was Aldershot, Farnham & District (36:12). Gateshead finished 9th in the Under 15 Boys' event (40:00), behind Westbury (38:44). The splits were William Pike 13:16 (20th), John Gibson 13:31 (15th) and Brian Knighton (13:13). Unfortunately these were the leading performances, from the region.
David Anderson finished 9th in the BUPA Great Ireland Run (10km) at Dublin (4th Apl). His time was 30:54, behind Craig Mottram (Australia) (29:11). Catherine McKiernen won the Womens' event (33:39) with Sonia O'Sullivan 4th (34:26).
Ricky Wilson won the Wakefield Hospice 10km in a time of 32mins 36secs. Ian Scott was leading M50 (35:37).
Charles Stead won the Guisborough Moors Race by over 3mins in a time of 85mins 1sec. There were few North East runners, in the leading positions..
Belgrave Harriers won the Southern 12 Stage Road Relay at Milton Keynes (4th Apl) in 4:10:53. Mike Trees (a veteran - is this the former Darlington runner ?), clocked 24:12 to finish 4th on leg 1. Running on leg 5 for Shaftesbury Barnet (5th) was Dominic Bannister, whose time of 23:50 was 4th fastest behind Keith Cullen (Highgate) (23:24). Clayton Bannon clocked 25:49, on leg 5, for the 8th placed Hounslow team, and Barry Stephenson clocked 25:01 on first leg for Blackheath (10th). Late news: Pointed out that Newham and Essex Beagles in 6th place, had Steve Hepples on leg 4, clocking the fastest short stage time of 16:18 (by 4secs).
Simon Watson was 6th (21:46) in the Intermediate race, at the Schools International Cross Country Meeting at Ayr (3rd Apl). He was 4th counter for the successful England team. Alec Duffield finished 7th (21:48), Andrew Coffer (watched by Bob and John Tinkler) 11th (22:07) and Ross Floyd a slightly disappointing 18th (22:22). The winner was England's Andrew Livingstone (20:56). Other race winners were Greg Divall (Eng) (15:55) (JB), Non Stanford (Wales) (15:11) (IG) and Joanne Harvey (Eng) (11:45) (JG).. At the World Schools' Cross Country at Lyon (4th Apl), Adrian Holliday finished 30th (16:56), and was 4th counter for the fourth-placed England team.
Fastest times at the final North Shields Poly Grand Prix event (30th Mch), over an extended distance of 5.2M, were Ivan Hollingsworth (Morp) 26:07; Tommy Brannon 29:05 and Tony Wallet 29:17. Women: K Davis 34:13; Helen Morris (Blyth) 35:29 and C Bruce 35:50. Ron Stewart was first in handicap. All info courtesy of AW.

Budget Insurance Wallsend Road Races.
Sun. 4th Apl.
Durham veteran, Rob Hand, comfortably won yesterday's Budget Insurance - sponsored Wallsend 10km Road Race. In the bright but windy conditions, Hand was content to stay in the chasing group, behind Wallsend's Sean Kelly in the early stages, before making his bid for victory at the 2M point. The margin of victory was 26secs over Jonathon Archer of Low Fell, with Hand's clubmate and fellow veteran, Ian Crampton taking third place. Veterans also occupied the first two places in the Womens' race, with Gosforth's Yam Thiru easily defeating Tynedale's Lynne Marr, with Lisa Walker of the host club finishing third.. Junior Great North Run runner-up, Martin Wilson of Jarrow and Hebburn, had a busy day. After finishing 8th in the 10km event, he missed the start of the Under 17 race, but soon caught his rivals, and came home with 6secs to spare.
Senior Men (10km). 1 R Hand (Dur, M40) 32:36; 2 J Archer (Low F) 33:02; 3 I Crampton (Dur, M40) 33:04; 4 M McDonald (Low F) 33:47; 5 D Armstrong (Els) 33:55; 6 P Walker (Blay) 34:03; 7 A Dent (Blay, M45) 34:17; 8 M Wilson (J&H, U17) 34:46; 9 P Utterson (Blay) 34:53; 10 D Anderson (Walls, M45) 35:28; 11 C MacDonald (SSh) 35:38; 12 N Morris (Low F, M40) 35:46; 13 S Marshall (Dur, M45) 35:56; 14 P Hilton (Walls) 36:01; 15 H Matthews (Els, M55) 36:19
Further Veterans: M50: G Pemberton (NE Vets) 37:43  M60: H Gold (Heat) 42:35  M70: E Appleby (Heat) 45:16
Women: 1 Y Thiru (Gosf, W35) 40:51; 2 L Marr (Tyne, W40) 42:19; 3 L Walker (Walls) 42:43; 4 C Young (Blyth, W45) 44:52; 5 C Lee (Gosf, W60) 45:11; 6 M Pude (Walls) 45:53; 7 P West (NSP, W35) 46:55; 8 D Horne (Walls) 48:24; 9 R Marshall (Walls, W40) 48:27; 10 T Walker (Blay) 48:36  W55: P Gold (Heat) 49:00
Under 17 Men (1.8M): 1 M Wilson 9:45; 2 T Carter (Walls) 9:51
Under 15 Boys (1.8M): 1 R Balmbra (Morp) 9:52; 2 C Patterson (Walls) 10:20; 3 R Kirkup (Blyth) 11:26
Under 13 Boys (1.8M): 1 C Bell (CleS) 10:14; 2 G Ritchie (J&H) 10:52; 3 J Beaton (Gate) 11:29
Under 15 Girls (1.8M): 1 E Barker (Walls) 12:53; 2 K Turnbull (Walls) 13:27; 3 B Rogers (Walls) 13:35
Under 13 Girls (1.8M): 1 S-K Crowell (J&H) 11:36; 2 E Murray (J&H) 12:24; 3 E Winter (J&H) 13:11
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 5th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Most of report used. Bright, but quite a cool wind blowing. Thanks to Chris Robson for full results. 96 finishers in main event. (joint last time was 90:31). David Tait was 94th in 59:29. Young Athletes turn-out was pitiful. Although this was same day as National Young Athletes' Relays and day after Northern Senior Relays, the North East turn-out in these events was small (especially YA). So it was disappointing that the remaining clubs, did not support these races. The Senior course is probably, now, the fastest in the area. Sean Kelly who was 100m clear after 1km, did not finish. Martin Wilson went originally to Senior start for U17 race, and was probably giving 300m to rest of field (including U15's). I think full christian name of Ladies' winner is Yamanu, but she is known as Yam. Carl Bell was listed in programme as unattached, and did not wear his club vest. Other personalities in action were Dave Whitmore (82nd in 48:38) and Denis Lawther (88th in 52:12). Dave was probably first M65 (though no finisher was listed in this category). Howard Gold was 51st, Eric Appleby was 67th (just behind Christine Lee), and Pam Gold (85th) (11th lady). Heaton fielded seven other athletes. Placings were: 42 Chris Auld 41:53; 50 Ted Baty 42:30; 53 D Wright 42:52; 59 Allen Mulliss 44:10; 63 John Josephs 44:51 (2nd M60); 70 Simon Huntley 48:57; 89 Mandy Tunmore 52:27 (12th L). George Routledge started, but pulled up injured after 800m. Danny Lucas brought him back by car.

North of England Road Relay Championships.
Lister Park, Bradford.  Sat. 3rd Apl.
Morpeth Harriers won Saturday's North of England Mens' 12 Stage Road Relay championship, at Lister Park, Bradford, for the fifth year in succession. In the always changing conditions, Morpeth came home over 2mins clear of Salford, with Leeds City close behind in third place. Morpeth were never headed after leg 6, when Nick McCormick moved up two places to pass Salford's Nick Jones in the final 100m. Steve Platts (17th), Kirk Wilson (11th), Michael Morris (8th), Mark Hudspith (6th) (including a fall), and Terry Wall (3rd) ran the opening legs. Ian Hudspith, David Swinburne, Andrew Toward, Neil Wilkinson, Chris Sampson and Ivan Hollingsworth extended the advantage on the final legs. McCormick's time of 10mins 55secs, was fastest on the day, for the short stage. In fact, athletes from the region clocked the fastest six times for the 2.4M leg. Ian Hudspith's time was only bettered by Gareth Raven, on the long leg. There were also good performances by Sunderland (10th), North Shields Poly (18th), and Gateshead (25th) with all three also qualifying for the National event, at Sutton Coldfield, on April 24th. Sunderland in fact, led the field at the end of stage 3, after excellent legs by Patrick Martin (4th) and Gavin Massingham. North Shields Poly in their first major attempt at this event, reached their highest position of 13th on Terry West's opening leg, but maintained their form throughout the event. Gateshead were off to a good start when Alan Buckley, making a welcome return to competition, finished 3rd on leg 1. However, 2nd leg runner, Steve Parr, was late starting his leg, due to a delayed journey. Chester Le Street finished in 31st position, while Morpeth B were not far behind. The B squad were anchored by a comeback-making club secretary, Mike Bateman, who had previously gained a relay medal, several years ago, with Manchester DLC. Unfortunately this performance was omitted from the official results.
Chester Le Street were unsuccessful in defending their Womens' 6 Stage title, but a weakened squad still performed well to finish third, behind Bingley and Derby. This was their highest position, throughout the race, with Alyson Dixon, moving up from 4th on the final leg. Newcomer S Robson ran the opening leg to finish 8th, with Kathryn Waugh (4th), Heather Robinson (4th), Catherine Brennan (7th), and Maxine Czarnicka, completing the squad. Morpeth also gained a top ten place finishing 9th. Though running for an incomplete team, Gateshead's Karen Hind clocked the 2nd fastest overall time of 12mins 56secs, on leg 1, behind Barnsley's Jilly Ingman. Chester Le Street-based Meryl Dodd ran the 2nd leg (13:32) for the winning Bingley team.
Men 12 Stage.  1 Morpeth 3:06:54 (S Platts 24:24, K Wilson 11:52, M Morris 11:40; M Hudspith 23:46; T Wall 11:31, N McCormick 10:55, I Hudspith 22:41, D Swinburne 11:47, A Toward 11:30, N Wilkinson 23:30, C Sampson 11:52, I Hollingsworth 11:26); 2 Salford 3:09:11; 3 Leeds City 3:09:44; 4 Hallamshire, Sheffield 3:13:14; 5 Sale, Manchester 3:17:06; 6 Trafford 3:17:18; 7 Bingley 3:17:40; 8 Liverpool H 3:18:21; 9 Altrincham & District 3:19:58; 10 Sunderland 3:20:10 (M Hood 23:51, P Martin 11:29, G Massingham 11:40, T Doughty 25:00, B Rushworth 11:56, P Gibson 13:29, T Field 25:17; S Coxon 12:33, G Forster 13:19, S Potts 25:02, J Dobson 13:28, G Harden 13:06); 14 Leeds B 3:25:00; 18 North Shields Poly 3:26:33 (T West 24:08, T Brannon 12:59, V Hemy 13:16, I Twaddle 25:34, R Walker 12:16, D Hall 13:19, T Mellor 27:21, M Fenwick 13:26, S Clark 13:31, R Stephenson 25:13, A Haynes 13:02, T Whitfield 12:28); 25 Gateshead 3:31:17 (A Buckley 23:09, S Parr 17:30, G Wade 12:50, P Branston 26:40, C Paton 13:56, M Thirlaway 14:09, M Thompson 25:29, A Burnie 14:48, E James 13:20, M Elliott 25:59, R Robinson 13:06, F Devlin 15:21); 31 Chester Le Street 3:33:30 (S Bell 24:26, S Wells 12:51, S Pigford 12:39, D Cheshire 27:18, G Thraves 13:21, S Winter 14:28, G Dickinson 28:07, R Thraves 14:28, J Davidson 14:02, P Embleton 26:15, G McAdam 14:08, M Scaife 11:27); 35 Morpeth B 3:41:21e (R Stabler 27:43, R Kay 11:50, G Hilton 13:01, A Swinburne 26:19, M Brown 11:53, S Robertson 13:25, A Lawrence 27:31, C Aynsley 13:45, B Groves 14:39, G Driscoll 27:30, B Cordes 16:45, M Bateman 17:00e)
Fastest Times:  Short Leg (2.4M): N McCormick 10:55; I Hollingsworth 11:26; M Scaife 11:27; P Martin 11:29; A Toward 11:30; T Wall 11:31
Long Leg (4.8M): G Raven (Sale) 22:19; I Hudspith 22:41; C Cariss (Bingl) 22:48
Women 6 Stage:  1 Bingley 1:23:21; 2 Derby AC 1:23:34; 3 Chester Le Street 1:24:39 (S Robson 13:36, K Waugh 13:29, H Robinson 14:44, C Brennan 15:09, M Czarnecka 14:07, A Dixon 13:34); 4 Liverpool H 1:25:06; 5 Leeds City 1:25:18; 6 Wigan Phoenix 1:25:37; 7 Sale, Manchester 1:25:50; 8 Salford 1:26:54; 9 Morpeth 1:28:28 (L Ranger 14:19, D Watts 14:16, C Wilson 15:04, R Adams 15:37, S Ellison 15:13, A Fox 13:59); 27 Heaton 1:47:28 (P Leslie 17:09, E Winkley 18:25, H Morgan 18:27, R Kane 18:11, J Hutchinson 19:08, K McEntee 16:08)
Incomplete Team: Gateshead (K Hind 12:56); Morpeth B (G Cavill 15:10)
Fastest Times: (2.4M): J Ingman (Barns) 12:51; K Hind 12:56; K Smithson (Sale) 12:59; B Jenkins (Salf) 13:01; L Wright (Leeds) 13:03
(Newcastle Journal: Mon. 5th April 2004).

Additional Comments: Report was edited a lot (no reference to Sunderland leading or Alan Buckley (amongst other things). (nb. Sunday Sun ignored altogether).Weather was cool and bright, with threat of showers. Heavens opened (for about 45mins) as leaders were finishing, but unpleasant for also-rans. Course hilly with many twists and turns (not that popular with runners). Later results courtesy of race-results website. Originally Morpeth B were listed as an incomplete team, with MB not included. Could not verify Mike's time, so only submitted an estimated time (and for team). Result amended on Sunday night (too late for me), and Mike's time is actually 16:27 (sorry), and full team time is 3:40:48 (position unchanged). Another correction is that Ian Hudspith's time is now fastest (Raven was a minute slower). Jason Ward (Hallamshire) was 3rd fastest (22:55). Morpeth B led Chester Le Street, up to leg 10. Martin Scaife arrived late, which is why he ran an isolated final leg. Chris Lamb was in attendance, but did not run. 48 finishers in Mens' event and 32nd in Womens' race (an improvement on 2003). Congratulations to the qualifying teams (especially NSP). Congratulations also to the Heaton Womens' team of Pauline Leslie (24th), Elaine Winkley (32nd), Helen Morgan (32nd), Rachel Kane (30th), Jenny Hutchinson (29th), and Kelly McEntee (27th). Nowhere near medals, but a creditable performance.

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